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03-20-2006, 16:07
I realise that Medieval Total war has lost SOME of its fanbase to Rome, I also realise that if MIITW is even half as good as original even more players will be lost (including myself, should it make the cut). I further realise that the viking campaign has a somewhat Brito-centric fanbase (well, us, the Norse and pompous Americans who believe they are descended from the Earl of such and such)
Still, I finally worked out how to add factions to the game, so for my own pleasure only I began work yesterday on "Seven Kingdoms total war"- this basically consists of a lot of new factions (the number is up to 17 thus far, and I hope to get it to 21 by tomorrow), thus creating a more tactical challenge- it is not entirely accurate (given the greater divisions that existed amongst some of the Kingdoms/the lack of new shields and units. Still- an overview

21 Factions planned- Wessex, Mercia, Northumbria, Sussex, Essex, East Anglia, Kent, Gwynedd, Cornwall, Powys, Dyfed, Gwent, Del Riada, Picts, Norse, Danes and Leinster (Munster, Connacht, Strathclyde and Mann are to be added soon)
-Possibly some new music as well

Most of the new factions are little more than glorified rebels- the core difference being they aren't going to sit and wait to be conquered-

"What ifs :P" (effort to make you interested)
What if one of the smaller saxon kingdoms manages to draw the other three under its rule? could this newly formed superpower be a danger to the eastern borders of Mercia or Wessex?
Can the Scots hope to expand into their new homeland while retaining their Ulster base? or will it be destroyed in the incessant wars between the Irish kings, thus leaving the scots fighting a war on two fronts?
Will the Welsh be free to live in peace, or will expansionist tendencies amongst its Kings lead to unfication and conflict with not only Mercia, but any Irish king to believes himself powerful enough to attempt an invasion against Great Britain?
Now will Strathclyde cope caught between the Scots, Picts and Northumbrians? each desiring control of the north
The Norse and Danes will both be scraping supplies just to survive- driving the raiders to greater acts of barbarity but will the Kings on the Northern Thrones turn their covetous eyes towards Britain, or towards each other?o
Seven Kingdoms, total war :P

So, yeah, I'll be making this available to anyone who wants it- someone somewhere might, its not really a mod as much as some editing, and its certainly nothing compared to the efforts of people like BKB and Viking Horde, but for those who love a battle, its for you


When I load up the campagin at the moment it crashes within seconds of me selecting "Next turn"?
NONE of factions rulers currently have names, just King III e.t.c
Also, the new factions Kings all hjave "highland clansmen/warriors"- forget which, as a retinue?

Anyone able to help me with these problems?

Glemte Hage

03-20-2006, 21:59
So, any opinions? I realise its not that appealing= however the one plus side is that it runs fine next to other mods, as far as I can tell, so its just a little extra spice :P

03-20-2006, 22:50
Ok, rectified most of the above problems- except now it freezes and comes up witha "unable to upload +sheild number something+" help?

03-21-2006, 17:38
This sounds like a great idea. If I remember correctly (I haven't played/modded any Medieval/Dark Age mods in a while) some of the great mods (BKB, XL, Medmod) didn't do much if anything at all with the Viking expansion. And, this seems like it can be easily added without any trouble to most of the big Medieval mods, making the game even better. Goodluck,

03-22-2006, 12:59
Yeah, I always wanted some mods on the VI map, good luck. I'd offer soem help, but I couldn't ever even add factions (even with the guide). :wall:

03-26-2006, 19:00
Your errors might be the cause of typos when you worked on text editing.

And indeed, MTW lost much of it's fanbase. :embarassed:

Samurai Waki
03-27-2006, 09:42
You should've had this idea about 9 months ago when I was making a VI map based mod... I added in 4 Factions: Strathclyde, Cornwall, Kent, and East Anglia (with unique Family member names). Maybe when I get Wednesday off I'll look around for the CD I burned it to before I reformatted my Computer.

One Idea I do remember having was giving Ulster a high rebellious rating, and if a faction couldn't hold onto it by a certain year (don't remember which) that it would emerge as an indepedent faction (like Burgundy or Switzerland in MTW)

08-15-2006, 21:35
Yo all

Sorry, been away frrom MTW for a while, but I have every intention of giving this mod a final kick of life, making a proper go of it.

Ok, it still crashes the second I move an army into another province, but in a game I played as the Norse (before moving an army and thus crashing the game, the following happened)

-Cornwall invaded and annexed part of Wessex, resulting in a war in which Wessex reclaimed the lost land
-East Anglia and Essex began double teaming Mercia which erupted into civil war, which Northumbria (and unsuccessfullym, Powys) used to claim some Mercian land. Mercia was limited to a well defended strip above East Anglia
-Leinster annexed Munster and killed the King, only for it to rise in rebellion and overthrow their rule. Connacht annexed Ulster from the Scots and the two dominant Irish factions looked set to go at it
-Gwynedd and Powys began throwing raiding parties at each other, neither managed to topple the other before I tried invading Essex and caused the game to crash

I personally feel this was shaping up to be a most interesting game. And thus I would liek some help modding it so I can distribute it online during the MTW nostalgia which wioll come just before number two is released

things I aim to do-

Eliminate the crashing bug
Getting new faction shields for the various forces
Adding some "emerging factions" if it is possible

Can anyone help with any of this?