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05-09-2006, 11:58
For all of you interested in this type of warfare. I'd suggest that you have a look at the recently released Take Command 2nd Manassas by the small development team Mad Minute Games.

It's a game that allows you to play a range of command levels, Army Corp, Division right down to brigade, and the level of realism is stunning. However, they didn't skimp on the AI. You really have to take a good look at some more lengthy reviews to get a good understanding of the game.

However, the best thing is the game developers are so active and have made the game to be modded. The reason for posting here is that I hope to attract the attention of the serious modders to the game. People with an understanding of pike and musket units and uniforms.

While the game is currently still single player it is progressing. The AI is very, very good. I have the same feeling about this game as I had about Shogun Total War when it came out (check my join date). This game is something special, and you can tell the developers care about what the community wants.

Come by and visit the forums:


05-12-2006, 17:55
I have checked the forum, unfortunotelly the game lacks campaign, so it is not sufficient for our needs I believe. It has some andvantages, but it would take a while to make a mod based on this - I know MTW engine very well and it took some time and I am not very interested in learning how to modify this game, especially if the MTW2 engine allows apparently so much, maing it very useful for our mod.

Regards Cegorach :book:

05-13-2006, 00:50
Yes, I can see you've spent a lot of time with this mod. The campaign for TC2M will be out soon, but not now. I'd recommend you keep an eye on TC2M, I think it will be what you are looking for in the very near future.