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06-26-2006, 13:25
Hello there

Congrats for your mod, I really like the time frame. I started a game as the Habsburg HRE in HIGH campaign and was only able to build catholic league in my 4 starting provinces. Is it possible to build it in other german provinces others than your starting ones. I've tried in Bavaria and Franconia with a church as a prerequisite and build everything else without success. Is it a bug or not?

Thanx in advance


06-26-2006, 14:35
All you need is Church and military reform level3 i.e. Tertio, same is with Protestant Alliance.

In future I will prepare detailed PDF or other guide describing what is necessary to build a structure in the mod.

In future please use main XVI-XVII thread for any questions and other comments you have.

I am closing this thread now.:book: