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11-05-2006, 23:55

First of all great to see P&M porting to Medieval:Total War2! It's on of the periods I like most (thank to Sienkiewicz books' ;) ) And I'm really happy that I will be able to enjoy it to it's finest on the beautiful MTW2 engine.

I'd like to ask you whether there's something already done towards porting - will you use the Campaign map shown in RTW thread? Also, are there any units modelled? Or maybe you'll use those from Ogniem i Mieczem mod? (after some polycount upping to fit MTW2 standards)



11-06-2006, 14:05
We will use mostly research done for MTW1 and RTW edition.

THe map will be different - from Northern America to Central Asia ( India and Uzbeks will be in the mod for sure).

Models - I am in OiM TW team, so we will use some of their works to what degree we find it possible.
Still we will need much more men to prepare the graphics anyway.

Recruitment will be started in December or maybe earlier.

For now it is still research - mostly not in this forum - there are 6 PMTW2 threads in other forums.

Cheers !

11-06-2006, 22:54
Great to hear that it's rolling :)

I would kindly ask if I could come of any help? I'm a 3d modeller and skinner, I haven't done any RTW modding yet, but I'm a long time modder for the Battlefield 2(formely BF1942) mod called Forgotten Hope ('http://www.fhmod.org').

I know that working in another mod at the same time and having to deal with RL wouldn't leave me much spare time to work for P&M2, but maybe I could be helpful as a freelance moddeler? Especially that I'd really like to contribute to the mod I want to play :D (and some timeframe change would be also nice - after 4 years in WWII climates I need some fresh wind to keep me working on my tanks ;) )

11-07-2006, 18:47
That would be highly appreciated.

THe mod will demend large human resources to be finished soon enough - to avoid RTW2 or anything coming after the future TW game.

At least we have much of research done, good enough to me. For a start of course.

Consider yourself invited to help - we will see how, but even one model done will be something tangible enough.:2thumbsup:

Wladyslaw IV
12-25-2006, 23:42
Polaki, you had 2 months allready! When's the first release! But in all seriousness, great mod, the one for MTW was great, and we are all looking foward to the current edition's release!

Progress? I call it warcraft it's that good!

Can we have one more release of PMTW 1 please? Ireland in 1492 (yes, one country) Remove the full bar of any army so we at least know the size and three, put the dead back on the screen! If you want I can try doing this myself, just tell me how to edit it out!