View Full Version : Can't log in

Ludivico Sforza
11-13-2006, 10:51

I realise I'm probably being terribly stupid but I just can't log into the MP lobby. More specifically, what is the Profile box for on the login page? I had thought it was just to enter your screenname ala RTW, but when i try to log in i keep getting 'Invalid profile information' or some such message (I'm 99.9% sure my other Gamespy info is correct ie username and password).

Any help greatly appreciated.

11-13-2006, 14:30

you need your gamespy name, the email adress and the password. Maybe you create a new account.

Have you entered the right DVD key? You can edit it in the registry.

Or you tell us the full error message.

Sorry, I don't have other ideas.