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Lord Zimoa of Flanders
12-17-2006, 10:47
Napoleonic Total War 1 v7 has finally been released - better late than never. The major changes are that 2 new campaigns have been added, that all factions now have specific units and that the Field of Battle and Eastern Alliance Multiplayer eras are better balanced than before - statswise and costwise, resulting in, among other things, that Heavy cavalry finally is worth their cost. For the full list of changes please see below.


To download the mod, please visit the downloads section at:

The Lordz website (http://www.thelordz.co.uk)

Napoleonic Total War 1 v7 can be installed over MTW/VI 2.1 or your existing NTW1 603 installation.

Changes and news in v7

General changes
- Full unit rosters for all factions in all SP campaigns and in FoB MP era. See below.
- Minor stats/cost tweaks for some infantry units, hussars (mainly higher honour since hussars were famous for their dashing, daring actions) and some other cavalry.
- The unit cost calculation formula used was improved to remove an incorrect disadvantage for armoured cavalry. The unit costs should now more accurately reflect all units' stats, and heavy cavalry units will now be worth their cost.
- Fixed the missing dead bodies. The final 25 or so units should now have dead bodies too.
- New Danish and Polish names (hopefully correct).
- The stats for all units are the same in All SP campaigns and in FoB.
- New unit icons for the new units and new/fixed icons for some old units.
- Dutch king should now be called King of Holland, not king of Hungary which happened sometimes.
- In all campaigns 4 historical heroes per faction will show up 20 years after their birth (more or less). They will start appearing some time after 1760 provided you train a general (or a few other types of units like guard infantry or heavy/guard cavalry depending on faction).
- Fixed a bug so that all existing Napoleonic building cards show up in game and also added a few new ones.
- New "win" screens in the campaigns.

Campaign III
Important note!
This campaign has been created to give the players a longer and hopefully more challenging campaign more geared towards empire building in the NTW setting, and it is BY NO MEANS intended to be a historically correct representation AT ALL. Hopefully it is fun and challenging to play, and that was the only intention.

- Start date set to 1700 for a longer game. It still ends in 1887.
- Factions start with few units and few buildings while the rebel provinces have strong armies, thus posing a greater challenge to fight and making them harder to bribe.
- Most regions are more rebellious, meaning you need to keep at least some units at home to prevent and/or cope with rebellions.
- A new faction The German States has been added, starting with the divided territories of Saxony and Bavaria. They will inevitably have to fight one or more of the stronger neighbouring factions to gain control of new territories, and money needs to be managed well since they have no access to the lucrative ocean trade at the start of the game.
- The economy has been radically changed with lower income from farming and from money generating buildings. Income from over-seas trade, though still lucrative, is also significantly lowered. This results in less money and more emphasis on resource management. (The Ottomans still make a lot of money though, simply because of the large number of provinces they hold from the start.)
- Unit support costs have been increased in order to force the player to strike a balance between unit production and economical development and growth.
- Ship spamming (by the AI and human players alike) is prevented to some degree by making ships more expensive and taking longer to build (minimum 3 years like in MTW).
- The tech tree has been redone in order to delay the advent of more exclusive units like heavy cavalry, grenadiers, guards, artillery. In this respect Campaign III is similar to the original Early MTW campaign - you'll have to rely heavily on light cavalry and Milita in the early years, while the few Line infantry units and artillery units you get at start will be valuable assets for quite a few years before you will be able to start producing new ones. Generally speaking you'll need the next level of province (and the associated buildings of course) to be able to build the next level of unit.
- NTW1 v7 Campaign III and IV Required Buildings.pdf (buildings needed to train the different units) and NTW1 v7 Campaign III and IV Tech Tree.pdf is included in the installation, making it easier for the player to develop good building startegies.

Campaign IV
See Important note for Campaign III.

This campaign is basically a "hybrid" between campaign I and III.
- Start date as in Campaign I, II and IV.
- Starting funds and armies like in Campaign I.
- The German States faction added.
- Economy as in Campaign III, including unit training costs and upkeep, farm, factory and trade income etc. making for a greater economic challenge.
- Tech tree as in Campaign III.
- Most regions are more rebellious as in Campain III.
- Ship spamming somewhat reduced as in Campaign III.

Please note that Glorious achievements mode is not available for any of the campaign eras!

Eastern Alliance MP
- Cavalry stats upgraded and costs recalculated to correctly reflect stats.

Field of Battle MP
- The game is balance to be played with 10.000-14.000 florins per player (preferrably at the lower end), resulting in mainly valour 0 and 1 units with an emphasis on line infantry. If more money is used (i.e.units get higher valour) the balance of unit prizes and the sometimes subtle differences in unit morale will not come into play as intended.
- All factions have at least 2 more or less equal line infantry units to choose from in order to circumvent the "buy more than 4 and pay more" feature of MTW/NTW. This enables more historically correct "line infantry oriented" armies.
- Faction colours in FoB have been changed to closer reflect historical colours/uniforms, and I have attempted to use the unit graphics for the new infantry units (and changed some for old units) that best reflect their actual appearance based on the faction colours, within the limitations of the "one top colour and one bottom colour" and the existing unit graphics. E.g. the Poles will now have very dark blue tunics, the Italian line infantry will be all white, the POrtuguese line infantry all blue, Saxon line infantry is all white with blue chest etc (provided you use the correct faction colours of course). Total accuracy is of course not possible.
- Four named/historical generals have been added to each faction, making it possible to command the French with Napoleon, the British with the Duke of Wellington or the Russians with Petr Ivanovitj Bagration. The generic generals are still in the game too.
- Artillery costs have been increased. The reason is that a player doesn't need to raise artillery valour for them to be their most effective, and we all know the importance of artillery on the battle field.

Named Generals in FoB MP/Heroes in SP Campaigns

Erzherzog Karl von Österreich
Karl Philipp Fürst zu Schwarzenberg
Joseph Graf Radetzky de Radetz
Josef Alvintzy

Arthur Wellesley Duke of Wellington
Sir Thomas Picton
Sir John Moore
Henry William Paget Earl of Uxbridge

Crown Prince Frederik
Joachim M H von Castenschiold
Peter Lotharius Oxholm
Ernst Henrik Peymann

David Hendrik Chassé
Jean de Constant Rebecque
Hendrik de Perponcher Sedlnitsky
Louis van St. Aldegonde

Napoleon Bonaparte
Michel Ney
Nicolas Soult
Louis Nicolas Davout

German States
Johann von Thielmann
Karl Philipp von Wrede
Friedrich August I von Sachsen
Maximilian I von Bavaria

Guglielmo Pepe
Domenico Pino
Alberto La Marmora-Ferrero
Achille Fontanelli

Koraim Pasha
Jezzar Pasha
Ibrahim Bey
Osman Bey al-Bardisi

Prince Józef Antoni Poniatowski
Jan Henryk Dabrowski
Joseph Grabinski
Stanislaw Fiszer

Bernardim Freire de Andrade
Francisco da Silveira
José Lopes de Sousa
Manuel de Lusignamo

Gebhard von Blücher
Karl von Clausewitz
Friedrich Wilhelm Bülow
August Neithhardt von Gneisenau

Mikhail Golenishchev-Kutuzov
Petr Ivanovitj Bagration
Michail Barclay de Tolly
Prince Eugene Wirtemberg

Jose de Palafox y Melzi
Francisco Castaños
Don Gregorio Garcia de la Cuesta
Pedro Caro y Sureda de La Romana

Carl Johan Adlercreutz
Georg Carl von Döbeln
Johan August Sandels
Wilhelm Mauritz Klingspor

Unit Rosters

Hungarian Line Infantry
German Line Infantry
Austrian Jaeger Infantry
Hungarian Grenadiers
German Grenadiers
Austrian Hussars
Austrian Uhlans
Austrian Dragoons
Austrian Cuirassier
Austrian Cuirassier Guard

British Line Infantry
The Fighting Fifth - (second line option in FoB MP only - exact same stats as British Line Infantry)
British Light Infantry
Green Jackets
Highland Infantry
British Guards Infantry
KGL Line Infantry
KGL Light Infantry
British Hussars
British Light Dragoons
Life Guards
Royal Dragoons
Royal Horse Guards
Scots Greys
KGL Dragoons
KGL Hussars

Danish Line Infantry
Norwegian Line Infantry
Sharpshooter Corps - (light infantry)
Norwegian Jaeger Corps - (armed with rifles)
Grenadiers of the Life Regiment
Royal Life Guards at Foot
Danish Royal Horse Guards
Danish Heavy Dragoons
Danish Light Dragoons
Danish Chasseurs
Danish Hussars
Danish Bosniaks - (lancers)

Dutch Line Infantry - (available to British in MP - trainable by the British and the French in SP campaign)
Belgian Line Infantry - (trainable by the British and the French in SP campaign)
Dutch-Belgian Light Infantry - (trainable by the British and the French in SP campaign)
Dutch-Belgian Grenadiers - (trainable by the British and the French in SP campaign)
Dutch Light Dragoons - (trainable by the British and the French in SP campaign)
Dutch Carabiniers - (available to British in MP - trainable by the British and the French in SP campaign)
Dutch Hussars - (available to British in MP - trainable by the British and the French in SP campaign)

Militia - (only trainable in SP campaign)
French National Guard
French Line Infantry
La Brave - (second line option in FoB MP only - exact same stats as French Line Infantry)
Irish Legion - (only trainable in Ireland in SP campaign)
French Chasseurs
French Voltigeurs
French Tirraileurs
The Young Guard
The Middle Guard
The Old Guard
French Lancers
French Hussars
French Chasseurs a cheval
French Cuirassiers
French Carabiniers
French Dragoons
French Guard Grenadiers a Cheval
French Guard Chasseurs a Cheval
French Guard Lancers

The German States
Bavarian Line Infantry - (available to the French in MP - trainable by all factions in SP campaign)
Rhine Line Infantry - (trainable by all factions in SP campaign)
Saxon Line Infantry - (trainable by all factions in SP campaign)
Saxon Scharfshutze - (trainable by all factions in SP campaign)
Tyrolean Chasseurs
Saxon Grenadiers - (trainable by all factions in SP campaign)
Rhine Lieb Garde
Garde du Corps
Bavarian Light Horse - (trainable by all factions in SP campaign)
Bavarian Dragoons - (trainable by all factions in SP campaign)
Rhine Cavalry - (trainable by all factions in SP campaign)
Saxon Cuirassiers - (trainable by all factions in SP campaign)

Italian Line Infantry
Dalmatian Legion - (second line option)
Italian Cacciatori - (light infantry)
Italian Grenadiers
Grenadiers of the Royal Guard
Italian Dragoons
Italian Guard Dragoons
Italian Chasseurs
Italian Guard Chasseurs

Ottoman Empire
Nizam I Jedid
Shifflick Regiment - (second line option in FoB MP only - exact same stats as Nizam I Jedid)
Cairo Janissaries
Sultan's Guard
Sipahi Cavalry
Mameluk Cavalry
Circassian Heavy Cavalry

Polish Line Infantry - (trainable by French, Russians, Austrians and Prussians in SP campaign)
Lithuanian Line Infantry - (second line option - trainable by French and Russians in SP campaign)
Polish Voltigeurs - (trainable by French and Russians in SP campaign)
Vistula Infantry - (trainable by French in SP campaign)
Polish Grenadiers - (trainable by French and Russians in SP campaign)
Polish Lancers - (trainable by French and Russians in SP campaign)
Vistula Uhlans - (trainable by French in SP campaign)
Polish Hussars
Polish Chasseurs
Polish Cuirassiers

Militia - (only trainable in SP campaign)
Portuguese Ordenança - (militia - trainable by the British in SP campaign)
Portuguese Line Infantry - (available to British in MP - trainable by the British in SP campaign)
Lisbon Regiment - (second line option in FoB MP only)
Portuguese Caçadores - (light infantry armed with muskets - trainable by the British in SP campaign)
Portugese Atiradores - (equal to Caçadores in v6 and armed with rifles - available to British in MP - trainable by the British in SP campaign)
Portuguese Grenadiers - (trainable by the British in SP campaign)
Portuguese Light Dragoons - (available to British in MP - trainable by the British in SP campaign)

Militia - (only trainable in SP campaign)
Prussian Landwehr - ("militia" but as good as many other factions' regular line infantry units)
Prussian Line Infantry
Brunswick Line Infantry - (trainable by the French and Austrians in SP campaign)
Prussian Schutze Infantry - (light infantry)
Prussian Jaeger Infantry
Prussian Guard Jaeger Infantry
Nassau Jaeger Infantry - (trainable by the French and Austrians in SP campaign)
Brunswick Lieb Infantry
Prussian Grenadiers
Prussian Guard Infantry
Prussian Cuirassier Guard
Prussian Hussars
Prussian Dragoons
Prussian Guard Hussars
Prussian Guard Dragoons
Prussian Uhlans
Prussian Cuirassiers
Brunswick Hussars - (trainable by the French and Austrians in SP campaign)

Militia - (only trainable in SP campaign)
Opolchenie - (militia)
Russian Line Infantry
Siberian Infantry - (second line option in FoB MP only - exact same stats as Russian Line Infantry)
Russian Light Infantry
Russian Grenadiers
Russian Guard Infantry
Russian Hussars
Russian Uhlans
Russian Cuirassiers
Russian Chasseur
Russian Dragoons
Russian Cuirassier Guard
Russian Cossack Guard
Russian Chevalier Guard

Militia - (only trainable in SP campaign)
Spanish Guerrilla - (militia)
Spanish Provincial Militia - (named "militia" but almost as good as the regular line infantry)
Spanish Line Infantry
Swiss Legion - (only in FoB MP)
Spanish Light Infantry
Grenadiers of the King's Regiment
Royal Spanish Guards
Spanish Horse Guards
Spanish Carabiniers
Spanish Dragoons
Spanish Guard Dragoons
Spanish Chasseurs
Spanish Hussars

Militia - (only trainable in SP campaign)
Indelta Infantry - (militia unit)
Varvade Infantry
Finnish Infantry
Finnish Sharpshooters - (light infantry)
Varvade Veldjagare
Grenadier of the Life Brigade
Svea Lifgarde
Andra Lifgarde
Indelta Dragoons
Mornerska Hussars
Indelta Hussars
Laetta Dragoner
Indelta Cuirassiers

Known bugs errors etc.

- The Napoleonic campaigns are presented out of numerical order (III, I, II, IV) since campaign III has the earliest start year and that seems to be what game sorts the campaigns after.
- The faction descriptions for the Dutch, the Swedish and the German States will not show up in the campaign faction selection screen for some reason.

Please note that saved campaign games from earlier versions of NTW1 will not work with version 7!

Many thanks to all of the players for their suggestions and interest, to the beta team for their testing, and of course to all the Lordz for their tireless help and support, especially Lord Ashram, Lord General Store and last but not least Lady Meg.


Lord von Döbeln

12-18-2006, 01:40
Mate, your site is down. Any other way I can download it?

Lord Zimoa of Flanders
12-18-2006, 09:31
Was server maintenance just try again later, we are up now.


12-18-2006, 10:04
Ok, cheers.

04-28-2008, 18:35
I have been trying for a few days to visit the Lordz uk site but cant seem to get it to load up. Did they change the mods site address? Thankyou for your help.

04-29-2008, 09:16
I have been trying for a few days to visit the Lordz uk site but cant seem to get it to load up. Did they change the mods site address? Thankyou for your help.

Hi Mombassa,

Its been off line for quite a while now. Not sure what the form is. We're giving a temp home to some of the Napoleonic people on our site and we have the Lordz Napoleonic downloads on our download page. If it's Napoleonics your after take a look at the 1809 mod.


Wladyslaw IV
04-30-2008, 09:31
Is the site having maintance problems or have they shut down? I loved that site!!

04-30-2008, 16:00
Doesn't seem to be maintenance. Its been off for too long now. Not sure whether the site has lapsed and not been renewed. If we get any further info I'll update on here.

09-21-2008, 13:49
The site is online (again?), and thats why Im writing, to offer my compliments to your great work with the NTW1 and ATW mod. Ever since Ive downloaded an earlier version of NTW2 Ive been a particular fan of your music selection for your mods, theyre really fantastic. I noticed, though, that almost all pieces in the ATW music pack are cut off at the ending :no: Whys that, I wonder? Has there been no way to get the pieces completely?