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12-26-2006, 17:36
The Amerial War covers the turbulent period of world war that engulfed the great nations of the world from the year 989, on the Nordamian conquest of Manruni to the end of the Demon Scare in 1224.

The Factions:
Republic of Nordam
The People of Languar
Holy Milodan Kingdom
Kingdom of Estan
Republic of Keria
Kingdom of Sasbae
Keryoim Empire
Kingdom of Tranemed
The Lugar Empire
Holy Kingdom of Light
Republic of Cira
Areth Federation

Minor Factions:
The Philian Isles Confederate
Republic of Neufany
Oscoa Alliance
Kingdom of Westmarch
Mandi Empire

Emergent Factions:
Royal Brosmen Resurgence

Campaign Map Gameplay:

Massive population bonuses coupled with massive building happiness bonuses. All this to make each individual city that much more important.

Massive population boom is in line with massive earnings and cheap troops.

Massive map and battles, with armies of 10 stacks or more on the campaign map.

No more spies, Assassins can double as spies, but no way to open city gates. Cities are too important to gameplay to allow silly spies to open them.

The gameplay will focus on large set piece battles with a wide variety of physical users in coordination with cavalry, infantry, artillery, and archers. The map will have more distance between cities, making each city at once more important, sieges more rare.

Units will be much cheaper and easier to produce, allowing for simply massive invasions and more field battles instead of boring sieges.

The focus will now be on combat. Extraneous M2TW options such as merchants, princesses will be eliminated.

Religion will play a key role in a faction's ability to summon angelic forces to help defeat its enemies.

The Castle/City differentiation is silly and pointless, each city is important, each city will at once be able to be a military center and an economic center. As it is in the real Nordam and co.

Invading armies will suffer from desertion and attrition problems.

Devastation will be a much greater issue, simulating the problems nations have with hostile armies on their soil.

The plague now has the ability to wipe out entire cities in only a few years.

More aggressive and smarter Campaign AIs.

More strategic locations on the battle map to make campaign map maneuvers more important.

Much shorter and cheaper recruitment times, more units can be recruited per turn.

Much cheaper and much shorter times to build buildings. More buildings may be built simultaneously.

Battle Map Gameplay:

Increased defense values of troops so that they take less losses over the same period of time. - Effectively slowing down battle speeds.

New units with new special abilities for different and more varied battles.

Flying Pig
08-12-2008, 19:25
I take it this is NOT a historically accurate mod? :)

How will you get an assassin into a city?

Warmaster Horus
08-13-2008, 01:32
Doesn't look like it, no... :no:

What do you mean by getting an assassin in the city?
No more spies, Assassins can double as spies, but no way to open city gates. Cities are too important to gameplay to allow silly spies to open them.
I think this implies you can get an assassin in the usual way, but you can't get them to open the gates.