View Full Version : WHY cant i login?

01-23-2007, 15:54
ok i have no firewall, no router, i have reinstalled the game 4 times now, correctly entering the cd key each time, i have the patch, i have gotten every stinking gamespy thing there is, i go to log in, and i get "failed login" every time!!!

sega has no support it seems on the website for this game

every time they release one of these its like pulling teeth to get on

help me plz...for the love of god, before i stab myself in the face :wall:

01-23-2007, 15:59
The server is down as i believe gs are doing maintenance today *yay*, expect it to be back up late afternoon/early evening GMT.

01-23-2007, 15:59
What's your internet speed? (and also: cable/adsl/dail-up?)
Have you closed all background programs? (including things as msn, x-fire, and teamspeak) just to be sure

edit: blah Barrett will be right

01-23-2007, 16:06
i hope its servers dow, although thats quite a pain, as the only reason i was trying to get on is world of warcrafts tuesday server downtime ~:handball:

thanks for the replies, servers being down is the only thing it could be cuz i'v done everything else, i hope

01-23-2007, 18:41
Barrett is online 24/7 so if he says its gs it most probably IS gs :laugh4:

01-23-2007, 22:54
Barrett is online 24/7 so if he says its gs it most probably IS gs :laugh4:

:laugh4: :laugh4:

U should be happy!! Usually these guys are clever enough to do maintenance at peek time on a sunday afternoon.