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02-16-2007, 15:14
Version, fixes, faction, wars with, year

I'll post some from my Yomi campaign to start with.

02-17-2007, 18:59
OK, screenshots pending
I'm playing as Yomi, with the 1.1 Patch, Demon city fix, unofficial movement/morale fix, VH/H

Turns 1-10
The Zensen clan take Akagi from the Akagi clan.
Yuwan seizes Xia Goe Province from the Zuanshi Kingdom
I (Yomi) take Xi Fong and another rebel city but am mostly occupied
I *think* the Krishnapur are stuck, and remain like that until about turn 40 because of a stack and a half of rebels that pop up in that pass between them and the Punjab.
Karazai khanate do not expand, they have bad luck in a rebel battle, so are delayed.
The Choson take a city from the rebels, I think.

Turns 11-30 or so
I (Yomi) push the Mongols to the brink, whittle them down to two cities (Chagatai and Stone Army place).
The Yuwan eventually take Zuanshi from the Zuanshi Kingdom
The Akagi are increasingly battered by the Zensen but lose no more territory.
Krishnapur still stuck, possibly takes a city to the west of them at this time.
Choson do little to nothing, mainly crush bandits in their territory
Karazai, despite being under attack, take several rebel provinces. They lose most of their real production facilities and most of their decent troops early in the conflict or through stupid attacks, so end up churning out Mongol Light Spearmen, who are duly crushed by the Yomi.
Monks vanish.

Turns 30-41
I (Yomi) take Chagatai from the Mongols after they attack me with ridiculously small forces and end any hopes of resisting. Their last city, the one with the Terracotta army, is taken by starvation, because I don't have the energy to attack two units of tank cavalry, thus eliminating the Mongols.
Yuwan Kingdom destroys the Zuanshi quickly after taking the capital. All Zuanshi cities lost.
Akagi Clan are clearly in trouble but lose no more land.
Krishnapur on turn 40 take out the rebels seperating them from their distant province. They then lay siege to two rebel towns in the next two turns.
Karazai are dead, finally.

249, Summer 41 turns into the game [spoil]https://img267.imageshack.us/img267/3315/249summercv0.jpg
Factions eliminated:
Karazai Khanate, Zuanshi Kingdom, Monks (they just disappeared at some point, died and turned rebel)

Well, by 218 BC, the Choson Kingdom has not expanded at all, while all others able to expand and not tied down by civil war have worked well. I did cause one of their cities to temporarily rebel by using spies, they retook it.
Provinces gained: 0
Declared war on Zensen in 218 BC

The Karazai expanded into two provinces despite me breathing down their neck, and put up a decent fight.
Provinces gained: 2, with considerable war issues at the time
Elimintated by me (Yomi) 250 BC

The Zensen took until 223 BC to finally eliminate the Akagi clan, and have by 218BC taken another province, to put their total provinces at 7, and provinces gained at 5.

The Yuwan have taken no less than 10 provinces, putting them at a total 13.

The Zuanshi and Akagi both lost to civil war. Akagi did at one point besiege a rebel town, but recalled its men. Definite signs of expansion ability.

The Krishnapur have gained four provinces before I stopped them. They spent a long time stagnant, but were expanding rapidly until my general kill team (six generals go around autoresolving) took them down.

02-19-2007, 20:38
Updated, commentary added up to 218.

I'm sustaining allies in the Choson and Yuwan by using tributes, though I mean to break off from the Yuwan to stop them achieving their victory conditions (15 provs + Zuanshi dead.)

02-19-2007, 20:47
I'll be posting on mine somewhere this week too.
Aslo it would be cool if you could post a few AI army compositions.

02-28-2007, 10:18
By 195, I'm at war with all four remaining factions and killing all of them with relative ease.

Nearly all of the original Chinese territory is mine, I just need to take the Yuwan province behind the mountain range, which is the job of a unit of Wang Liang. India is basically down to two Indian provinces, Baktra, Sind and one other place. The Zensen I haven't really concentrated on yet, but I managed to take a town from them in the North. Choson finally betrayed me (probably because the tribute ran out) with their four full stacks of decent troops. I got bored, munchkinned and sent 12 units or so Wang Liang to maul them.