View Full Version : How To Install This Mod !

03-10-2007, 23:11
I Cant Find Any Thread To install This Mod
Help Me Please
Which index To install This Mod And Music Files ?

03-11-2007, 00:06
1. You need to have fresh, unmodded MTW with Viking Invasion

2. Download PMW 1.5

3. Download the music file and the patch

3. Unzip the files if they are packed and extract them somewhere you like.

4. Now take the selfinstalling files and click on them.

start with PMTW 1.5, next do the same with the Patch and the music installment.

When you initiate the installation process you will see certain directory which the intallation program uses - if it is the one where you have your MTW VI there is no problem and all you actually need to do now - is to click yes all the time.

The main thing is to start with the PMTW 1.5 and to use correct directory to install all the files.:book: