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02-13-2002, 12:07
Well, here I am again, at least for a short while..

I am interested to know if there will be any reform of the tactical model for MTW. With various improvements such as shields and mounties that actually knock people back, I am tempted to hope that perhaps certain improvements might be made to allow for a plastic line of battle, the ability for *at least* trained cavalry to perform an orderly withdrawal, a rethink of currently rather rapid melee attrition rates-- to perhaps bring in some of the needless-to-mention realities which have thus far sadly (but of course understandably) been absent from Total War games.

It is my humble opinion that lacking some improvement in these areas the Total War series will never actually be a series of war games, but rather a series of richly-made, well-rounded, but tactically deficient strategy games. Wargamers like myself will be stuck going back to Sid Meier's Gettsyburg and Antietam for our real-time wargame fix.



02-13-2002, 16:32
This Medieval forum have a few post that discuss the questions in your first paragraph and yes, it do seems like the line of battle will shift and swerve and will be less "static". But for the actual engine... we're left pretty much in the dark.

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