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05-08-2007, 04:22
Here is the Warhammer interview that I did with Bwian for the Generals tent on TWC a few weeks ago. Screenies are no longer new, but here it is:

[quote]Warhammer: Total War

Hello, recently I have been contacting Bwian of the org in regards to his fantastical mod Warhammer: Total War, for Medieval 2 Total War. Although very much still in its infancy, I have been provided with copious amounts of information about what has been completed so far and what Bwian plans on doing.

“[The] official ‘Mark of Chaos’ wargame, which took the incredibly rich Warhammer universe and created a pooch of a RTS/Strategy wargame” was the reason behind the creation of Warhammer: TW. Bwian feels that modding the Total War games will create a far more rewarding result.. Despite hardcodes that have dissuaded many modders, he perseveres and enjoys the challenge of getting around them. “Walking, robots, tracked robots, tracking, rolling wheels and machine guns, rockets and flamethrowers” that he made for RTW are a testament to this. Now, as he focuses on a new hurdle, M2TW, one of his greatest wishes is that CA make modding the skeletons easier. Nevertheless he is determined to prevail in this field as well; a task made easier by the CA’s many leaks and tools.

This determination shows clearly as the prospect of making a new mod for a new game does not even faze him slightly. Rather, he feels that it is “refreshing.” Refreshing as it may be, it will not be an easy start. He is not connected to the original canceled Warhammer project in any way and he “[does not] want to use any of their content.” In order to make sure this project is as streamlined and efficient as possible then, Bwian emphasizes on organization. Fortunately, due to a job involving managing people he is practiced in this field. Another vital aspect is research –a field where Bwian has, yet again, an easy time in. The Warhammer universe is immense, and according to him, it is “very well documented in the rulebooks, army books and supporting works.” Do not let these two easier branches of work make the mod look like a snap though. Bwian finds one of the most difficult parts of it to be balancing between different races and cultures, such as the elves and the dwarves.

Despite these gargantuan tasks, he proves to be unyielding yet again in his desire for a Warhammer mod. He points out that “Making a 'limited' mod is actually easier, since you have some boundaries already defined. Otherwise, you have to REALLY start from scratch!”

Well planned and researched as it is, the modding itself, is far from complete. Bwian admits that “the modding for MTW2 is in it's infancy, and the mod’s progress reflects that.” Work that is being accomplished for now, are the units, the map, and the outline in general. Once the modding situation becomes more apparent and foundation set, he hopes to add “more extreme units” and “more factions.” Due to a small team, he tries to maximize results by learning every form of modding himself, and not spending time publicly recruiting. His versatility is also an advantage because he does not need to rely on anyone but himself.

One of the greatest assets of any mod is the fanbase, and Bwian assures me that Warhammer: TW is not lacking in this field. Their unconditional support of him also drives him to create a better mod; both for himself and the fans.

But enough with the text, here is a stunning treat: skeleton archers

I think it is safe to say that this is a mod that all fantasy lovers, and gamers in general can all look forward to. Best of luck to Bwian, and hope you enjoyed this interview!


05-08-2007, 23:38
The link to the original intervew and outdated screenshots are here: