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05-13-2007, 18:12
I realise I sound very presumptuous making a thread here, apologies!! lol. I feel very presumptuous. But thought a thread where people can make random suggestions might help. Also because I have one.

You may already be aware of this but in all aspects of history different armies have used different sizes. From the compact legions of Rome 5000 in a legion i believe. To the Persian Empire, 1,000,000 :-). This has never properly been done in a TW game before. Why? Upkeep costs.... The game has very different costs for units, but the upkeeps are almost always the same. 100-150 for infantry, and 175-250 for cavalry. Sure the heavy christian knights cost a little more, 250 compared to maybe 200 for the Turkish. But the point is that still doesnt give the opportunity for any numerical advantage.

In warhammer this will be even more important. Skaven slaves for example, which have leadership 2, will never beat anything in a fair fight and should outnumber enemies at least 3 to 1. So for example where a regiment of empire halberds might have upkeeep 120, slaves might be just 50. The problem is that in the Vanilla TW games, army sizes were limited by economy and upkeep, and in the end armies from different factions tended to be the same size, despite that in real life they were much different. I hope you will have cruelly different upkeeps to make this a better game this way. Make Khorne Knights cost an arm and a leg, and have them smashing through my small army of slaves that cost the same points/gold.

I hope I could help.


05-13-2007, 19:59
That is pretty much what we will be doing when it comes to the balance part of the mod. We need to represent the relative cost in terms of points for each of the units, and wok out the cost and upkeep based on that. Certain factions will have lots of cannon fodder, but if it is cheap and quick to recruit, you can use it to wear down more effective but more expensive armies. Getting the feel of the tabletop game is really important, and the relative makeup of the armies needs to be recreated.

You would not, for example, easily build an army made up entirely of Chaos Knights. It would take the resources of a huge empire to field a large number of these units.

05-13-2007, 21:53
Indeed! Huzzah for balance!