View Full Version : No, no... it's ok... we don't need a 2.0 build...

Wladyslaw IV
05-19-2007, 23:38
:embarassed: (can't seem to find the generic frown)

I'll just waddle over here, burry my head in my WWII history book, and forget I had a polak named cego...

Sorry, I couldn't help even laugh at that one. :laugh4:

I'm either my own best friend or have waaaay way too much time on my hands. Either way I'll be a tenth happier when my :coffeenews: is stickied.

aleksandar macedonian II
05-21-2007, 23:12
Hmm,I think that we all become desperate about 2.0~:mecry:

Wladyslaw IV
05-27-2007, 14:00
Hmm, yes. Once the heavy mods come out for MII, I am there.

aleksandar macedonian II
05-31-2007, 19:41
Hmm, yes. Once the heavy mods come out for MII, I am there.

Well I played MTW+VI and it was very good without any moding ,but M2TW vanilla s.......,maby some good mod change my opinion .:oops:

06-01-2007, 20:33
That is why MTW VI release again became my primary project and that is why it is delayed so much...

If I only had someone skilled to prepare Landsknechts - one of most difficult and incredible animations for the mod which could appear eventually...:inquisitive:

06-02-2007, 02:47
how many animations do they have?

06-02-2007, 09:00
They NEED two types of animations:

1. Unarmoured pikeman/arquebusier

2. similar to the one above, but with breastplate and more feathers - for armoured pikemen and Landsknecht halberdiers and swordsmen (doublehanded)

Seriously the most dificult animations for this mod.:dizzy2:

Wladyslaw IV
06-17-2007, 22:50
*Krakow captured on the 6th day of fighting*

I knew you'd come around ~:)

I thought those Landkneckt pikemen were done. Maybe you're just making newer models of them?

Well, take your time. And when you are bored, play a good game of DD (haha). Paradox is pretty good with their games, imo.