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06-03-2007, 11:18
The purpose of this thread is to determine what buildings each faction should have and how their tech tree should be structured.

There are three main types of buildings: military, guilds, and economic (anything that isn't the other 2); while the tech tree can be centralised (need certain buildings to build other types of buildings) or decentralised (can build buildings in any order).

What buildings a settlement can have is not hardcoded, so castles can have markets and cities can have stables.

Here is my view on the Tomb Kings:

Military: since they don't train their soldiers they do not need any military buildings. The number of soldiers they have should be limited to the level of their settlement (with the exception of Bone Giants and Ushabti, which need some buildings to construct them).

Guilds: possible guilds include a Theologens guild for the Liche Priests, and possibly one that will allow the recruitment of Ushabti (Mason guild?).

Economic: not much of an economy, since they are not taxer, traders, or farmers most of their income should be from mining. The only other buildings they'd require would be to train their agents (spies, assassins, and priests), and provide armour and weapon upgrades.

Tomb King's can recruit the same units in castles and cities (they don't distinguish between them because they're not traders and don't need homes for their population).

Due to the small number of buildings available it would be pointless to give the Tomb Kings a centralised structure for military and economic buildings.

06-03-2007, 12:10
Millatary: Depends on what faction

Orks: No real millartary sturcture, just level of the settlment, maybe some buildings for the more elite troops (Like Say Black ork armoury would train black orks)
Empire: Should be simular to the normal one in MTW2 Sort of like Like
Militia Qauters --} State Barracks --} ETC
Bretonnia: Simular, but based on class rather than troop type so...

Stables --> Knights Stable --> ETC
Peasent Quater --> Millitia Quaters --> Chamber millitant ETC (Only improves armour/rank rather than troops avalible)

Choas: Mainly depends on settlement level, but perhaps some defferences depending on temple (Like khrone shrine would train khorngors, then a temple of khrone would train Chosen)

Elfs (All kinds): Same as empire to a extent

Lizard men: Level of settlement

Dwarfs: Simular to empire

Choas dwarfs (If they are in):

Forgery --> Large forgery ---> Industrial Forgery ---> Grand Forgery ----> Supreme forgery
Maybe one for monster (Ones you should put in would be Gnoblars, orges, minotaurs possibly Black orks (there mentioned in fluff of that might have been bred for construction perposes)

Im bored

06-03-2007, 16:55
Abokasee ... check the Official Faction Convertion thread. Anything NOT mentioned there WILL NOT be in the first release of the mod.

06-03-2007, 18:25
Abokasee ... check the Official Faction Convertion thread. Anything NOT mentioned there WILL NOT be in the first release of the mod.


06-04-2007, 00:11
Well Here goes for Lizardmen:

The Lizardmen Basically have two types of warriors, the Skinks and Saurus. So I think this is how it should go;
Tier 1 of a barracks --> Basic Saurus Warriors.
Tier 2 of a Barracks --> Temple Gaurd (A subspecies of Saurus, just tougher and more devout)
Tier 3 of a barracks --> Kroxigor. The bad@$$'s of the saurus. Like bone giants :)

For skinks you can take it one of a few ways. It also depends on what you guys will equip skinks with:

1st Way:
Tier 1 of a practice range --> produces Skinks with (throwing) Javelins and shields
Tier 2 of the range --> produces skinks with blowpipes (I've heard you'd just use a gun bullet annimation?)

2nd way:
Just give them one tier to produce both types of skinks or neither.

3rd way:
Tier 1 --> would produce normal skinks.
Tier 2--> would produce Chamealion skinks (Specialized versions. Green, longer range, can hide anywhere trait)

Mounted Saurus and Monsters:
Tier 1 of stables --> Saurus Cold One riders
Tier 2 --> One of a few options: stegadons or saladmanders.

The guilds you guys may or may not want to put in would be up for you. Here could be some suggestions:

A Number of guilds could be changed into names (if possible) to:
Sacred spawning pool of *Insert Old One here*.
This could provide the special saurus warriors gifted with each mark of the old one. Also, I believe, that these pools could give characters special ancilliaries that also give the guilds bonus (Im not sure if a guild can give anciliairies.

Chamealion Spawning pools: If you guys dont want to make chamealion skinks spawn-able in every settlement, you could turn them into a guild unit too, which would be kinda cool to represent their rarity.

If you guys do find a way to incorporate wizards, you could make a theoligans guild to incorporate skink priests. (Or you could just use them as a unit produced by the lizardmens religous building tech tree)

This is where Im out of creative ideas. From what Ive read about lizardmen books, it doesnt describe if lizardmen farm or fish, but they do have alot of gold as ornamental, so they must have some form of even basic mining.

Last but not least, a few closing thoughts:
-Skinks should be only be able to be spawned in cities, while saurus and war creatures (if you put them in) should be spawned in castles. Or, if you guys just make them have cities, that would make sense too.
-Thanks for reading if you've gotten this far heh.