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06-11-2007, 18:53
hiya, i get the weird message that my CD-key is "invalid" as soon as i try to log into the MP-lobby. (just bought the game cant b really invalid)

Now the Question - do i have to write everything in Capitals and put "-" inbetween? More TW-weirdness? Any Ideas on how to fix it?

Thank you


06-11-2007, 19:08
Hello vooDOOMz,

Yes, the key needs to be typed as printed, including - .

06-11-2007, 19:17
gah i should have known - thx tosa

06-11-2007, 22:00
From TWC


You're getting the error message:
"Login failed - invalid CD-key"

Right this is how to resolve (with thanks to various posters)
You cannot change the cd-key ingame anymore (most likely for the protection against illegal games), so you have to do other things.

Open Start
Click Run
Type: regedit
Now go to this: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/SEGA/Medieval II Total War"

Now you'll see a value representing the CD-key. Change it to what it should be. You could have done the following wrong:
-Don't type spaces
-Do type the "-"s
-Don't use "o"s use "0"s
-Type everything (except for the numbers obviously) in capital letters

Hosakawa Tito
06-11-2007, 22:54
I'll sticky this for future reference.

06-14-2007, 14:38
Shamelessly stolen from me, those TWC guys :furious3:

heh I don't care

03-29-2008, 15:36
I have same CD-key problem, but adviced registery editting didn't help me.
Any other things to try? Could reinstalling game help with this?

03-30-2008, 14:10
Hello Gaidin,

A reinstall could help yes.