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06-15-2007, 00:16
Today (Friday 15th of June) at 19:30 GMT TotalWar.Org.Pl (http://www.totalwar.org.pl/indexeng.php?ShowCat=2), Polish biggest TW portal, and Headshot.Pl (http://www.headshot.pl) will show a live CCS game between GWoC and Sacred Band. The game will be of the highest importance for both teams and all their rivals in Hospitaller League - current standings can be found here (http://www.clancommunityshield.net/website/standings.html).

Commentators will be two players from Sarmaci Krolewscy - Niesmiertelnik and Andreuse. They will speak both Polish and English.

What you have to do to watch this game live? Go to www.headshot.pl and then click big yellow "PLAY" button at the top panel on the right. Then just click high (500 kbps) or low (200 kbps) quality and enjoy.

Summing up:

15th of June (Friday), 19:30 GMT, www.headshot.pl , cola and crisps needed ;)


PS. Please, spread this news around the world!

Hope you enjoy! :egypt: