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Swoosh So
06-30-2007, 20:56
How many people out there would be willing to pay for totalwar online monthly if Ca constantly rebalanced the game like blizzard do with wow and ran tournaments and ladders maybe new eras multiplayer campaigns etc? Also use this post to add things CA could do with such a service. Of course such a system would improve online play greatly so im not asking if u would pay to play as it is just now, im talking a really well supported multiplayer mode with great foyer tournaments etc like wows arena and pvp systems and of course constant patches improving balance and gameplay new maps etcetcetc

Also please add reason why you would or wouldent pay.

Swoosh So
06-30-2007, 21:25
I for one would pay a small fee if the servers and support for multiplayer was of a high standard, I know how thriving a totalwar online community can be and with the right support it would be great.

06-30-2007, 21:58
a. It costs money, I understand for something like a MMORPG, but for a RTS. You don't pay for Battlefield, do you?
b. I don't have a creditcard and won't get one for TW. Sides kids don't have creditcards either. And they are the main public.
c. As it's now it isn't worth it, and I doubt CA will be interested in doing much more for MP. As we calculated some time, of the millions buyers maximally 16,000 play MP. Is that worth it? No.

Swoosh So
06-30-2007, 23:25
Ok but please read my post before posting, i said obviously not as it is now if it did command a subscription fee the multiplayer elements would have to be greatly improved also no cc is fine i cut mine up ages ago and payed to play wow thru game cards. My point is that if you have a favourate game and play it online alot is a 5 pound fee for good servers and improved gameplay through patches onces a month really too much to ask considering magazines cost around 5 pound a month.

07-01-2007, 00:37
Assuming the game is released in decent form, there are well-monitored and moderated communication channels, regular updates (quarterly would be good; a reasonable expectation from my point of view) that reflect the majority and priority of requests from the gaming community, and a general spirit of service on the part of the TW makers, I would be willing to pay up to $20 a month US for an online subscription. I would play often to justify that investment.

Now, that said, much would also depend on the caliber and demeanor of the gaming community that participated regularly. I wouldn't pay one thin dime to hang out with a bunch of witless, run-of-the-mouth, graceless twits. Conversely, if many of the "serious" players of old were playing regularly in such a scenario, who strive for excellence and give good contests with a bow and a salutation, win or lose, I would happily pay and play.

Support systems like an online application that facilitated the creation and management of tournaments, a ranking system that worked for those who wanted to participate, and analytical tools like those that have been made by community members in the past, would be big pluses. I would like to see the return of private, passworded rooms (this would help with the issue of being inundated with human garbage in the foyer). An online campaign that worked would be over the top.

I have a limited amount of time to play games, but I love to play games in my spare time. Online contests with and against other humans add another dimension to gameplay and are far superior to single-player contests against an AI. If I had to choose one type of online game to play, it would definitely be TW--but the current offerings just don't cut the mustard for me. Not by a long shot. Combine this with the severely degraded level of quality in personalities online, and it's a hell no go for Masa.

Swoosh So
07-01-2007, 01:17
I agree with most of what you said, yes the quality would have to be high and a subscription would demand that, It would be an interesting turn for totalwar games to take imo and provided the game was good the community would reestablish itself especially with good ladders and tournaments.

Not that i see it happening it would take a bold company to do an online subscription outside mmorpgs (not sure if its been done before) but the game is a muliplayer dream waiting to happen with the right online support.

07-01-2007, 07:04
Errrm...because MMORPGs have "the right online support" ? News to me, and I played quite a few :laugh3:
Heck, Dark Ages of Camelot has been running for what, 6 years now ? And still the different "factions" in it are imbalanced. The imbalance just sort of shifts dynamically between them :grin:.

07-01-2007, 09:37
It's either:
-Paying for the whole game, and I can't see why one should monthly pay for SP.
-Paying for MP only, meaning that you cannot even try MP anymore.

Sides CA wants to make new games, Blizzard isn't making a World of Warcraft 2, but CA has to make new games for the SP crowd, which simply is bigger and more important.