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07-02-2007, 01:55
Salve, Quirites of EB! For some time now I have been interested in developing a mini-mod for EB that focuses entirely on the Romani. I guess in the vein of the Imperator mod for RTR. Something that will represent the Roman Republic as accurately as possible in our time period. This is difficult in the full version of EB, as we are dedicated to representing every faction fairly, with no focus on one group over another.

A project like this will introduce new building structures, unique buildings, government types, units, and scripted events for EB. While this project probably cant officially be started until the release of the next full version of EB, I would like to see if there is any interest in such a mod, and who would be willing to join this project.

07-02-2007, 02:33
I would download that mod in a second, and would love offer my help, if I had anything to offer. Sadly, my modding skills are limited to the descr.strat and edu folders. Besides that, I'll be spending a considerable time abroad this summer, and therefore won't have access to my computer until the start of the next school year- and I won't have much time then either. :no:

Therefore, I'll offer the only help I can: encouragement. The Romani are the most frequently-played faction, and I know this would quickly become an incredibly popular mini-mod! :2thumbsup:

EDIT: On second thought, there is maybe one thing...if you need any research, I may be able to help you out since my school not only has a decent library but I can think of a few good professors who I could "consult"...

07-02-2007, 04:18
ive been waiting for someting like this!

07-02-2007, 06:48
Im ready for recruitment Zak ...from actual modding the mod to just testing it...just send me a pm

Warmaster Horus
07-02-2007, 08:11
I'd be very interested in this! Imperator is one of my favorite mods (besides EB, that is!), so something like it for EB would be great.

I can help with research and testing, when/if necessary.

07-02-2007, 12:48
Well as I dont want to distract anyone from the EB Team, we will primarily need people good with Traiting work, the EDB, U/I, scripting, and eventually units. We would also have to look at what faction(s) we want to take buildings and units away from in order to give more to the Romans.

For example, I have 5 or 6 unique buildings for Roma ready to go but they need space to go in there. Of course, we want to use Cuncator's great work on the First Cohorts mod.

Warmaster Horus
07-02-2007, 13:18
Well, I would suggest removing the Saka Rauka (or is it Yuezhi, eh whatever. Just the guys over there). That would permit a "shadow faction" for Roman Rebellion. Imagine the Civil Wars after Marian Era. Just ultimate class.
I don't think it would be too much work, considering it's just a Romani copy...

07-02-2007, 14:01
I would love to see a Romani focused mini-mod for EB. You have my interest.

07-02-2007, 17:45
Sounds interesting. I almost always play as the Roman faction, so I'll be happy to try a new one.

07-03-2007, 10:32
Heh. I had a bright idea that I was a modder and started something similar to what you propose. Didn't realise the scope and magnitude it is to pull of a rather simple modification of an already established mod. Had about half the concepts from Imperator II converted to EB before I lost most of my work to hard drive (yes, importance of backup)failure. Was a nice try for my own enjoyment but ended up being to ambitious for my neophyte skills.

Would love to see such a modification to see the light of day for EB.:2thumbsup:

Warmaster Horus
07-03-2007, 17:43
Ah! A question: like in Imperator, will there be the possibility of starting after the Marian ReformsN This would look a lot like the EBULP, though.

07-03-2007, 17:46
I'm already involved in the Late Period Project, but Im sure this mini-mod would be compatible with both. It will essentially just overwrite alot of the data files, replacing traits, ancilliaries, buildings, uniques, etc. Stealing from Peter to pay Paul, as it was.

07-26-2007, 22:19
If the events aren't too complicated I could do them.

07-30-2007, 05:45
Interesting... :laugh4: To think that Imperator is originally tried to emulate/imitate/steal some EB features into RTR in the first place.. :sweatdrop:

Something that I was interested to do actually but unfortunately I have no time now... Anyway if there's any help needed then just ask. :2thumbsup: