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10-05-2007, 22:55
Hey guys,
I decided to open a thread for the historic and non-historic events that shall be implemented in II.

To start off, I want to explain a feature I'm currently working on: Basil's Italy campaign.

In 1024, Basileios Boulgaroktonos had planned to invade Southern Italy with imperial forces - to retake Sicily and re-establish a higher level of control over areas which were still nominally under Byzantine rule but had attained a high degree of freedom over time.
However, Emperor Heinrich IV. of the Holy Roman Empire threatened to declare war on the Byzantines should Basil II. and his forces set foot on Italian soil.
In the real world, the Katepan of Italy convinced Basil to postpone his invasion one year in the hope of being able to find a diplomatic solution with Heinrich - however during that year, Basil died from an illness and the invasion never took place.

This incident is of course a great source for an alternate history event and a good example of the kind of stuff I want to implement in this thread.
What I imagined (and already partially implemented if you care to check out the SVN repository) is this:

In 1024 a historic event will pop up. If the player is Byzantine, an advisor will pop up in addition, informing him that he was warned by Emperor Heinrich not to invade and asking whether he wants to do it nonetheless.
If he decides to invade, there's a 70% chance both Heinrich and Basil will be supplied with a few stacks of troops and moved to Southern Italy. In addition, there will be a large fs penalty between the two factions, and they will go to war and probably duke it out in some battles (the idea here is to make a fair fight so in this case Heinrich will get more units). In the other 30% of cases, Heinrich won't actually declare war and Basil will appear in Sicily with an army that's a bit smaller.

If the player plays the Ottonians, the option will be whether or not to warn Basil from entering Italy. If you do so, there's a chance that he'll invade nonetheless which will result in war, or that he doesn't invade (like it happened in reality).
If you don't warn him, you will suffer a reputation hit, and even more so if you warn him but then don't declare war on him (there will be another advisor asking you in that case).

If the player doesn't play either of these, there's a certain chance for all three cases with the historically correct one being the highest bet.

07-19-2009, 08:57
Hi all,

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