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Baron von Alvincy
11-12-2007, 19:11
At first, please excuse my strange english, I am coming from austria.

I have a big problem with Pike and musket te I version 1.5
The game can not translate the names from english into german.
I would have no problem with english, but the game does it automatically, and can not translate names like emperors and kings.:furious3:
It always says Factionleader number xyz. can not translate or so.:help: :help: :help:

How can i fix that?
I mean, does ist depends on the loc file?

11-12-2007, 21:08
Hi !

Yes, the install was meant for the English release and I think the problem is indeed with the Loc file. Now EVERYTHING you need is in Loc/Eng so you might want to sopy the files to your language file - Loc/German if I am right ?:inquisitive:

Of course you will have to do the entire thing after the patch is installed too - to save you some time and trouble.

I hope that you understand - if not, don't hesitate to ask.

Baron von Alvincy
11-13-2007, 18:21
Thank you, it works!