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11-21-2007, 18:46
what about ogres?
play:idea2: like mercenary?

11-21-2007, 20:07
i don't think it is usefull to make too many threads for anoying questions,tito it is better to make your question in one of the already threads for ideas,suggestions or questions.because the mod thread will became ridiculous way too big and with this way we don't welcome new people to the mod that they want to learn and discover something about the mod quickly and swift in order for them to stay tuned.i believe even you,you didn't noticed that the factions have already discused by bwian in on of the threads because is way too big,please don't start useless threads for just minor questions.tito head over the factions thread and find out your question.but ok i will answer you,bwian has stated that he wil include the secondary factions in a second realese,and i think it's perfect.:egypt:

11-22-2007, 00:30
that wasnt in good taste alexander...

11-22-2007, 00:51
actually i havent seen ogre kingdoms mentioned anywhere would be nice if you could make them last as a sort of horde from the east like the turmids in METW2

11-22-2007, 14:12
"that wasnt in good taste alexander..."
i wasn't angry but look the truth.it isn't usefull to make too many threads,we turning the peolpe to leave the mod because it is comfusing to read all this,it would be gratefull to post our questions in the already threads and not to create new ones.i am not telling that new threads must be banned,i am only telling to be the treads more accurate.is this a so intreasted question that will worth a new thread?i don't think so.forgive me if a talked hard,but i don't like that way of these questions(not importanted questions):egypt:

11-22-2007, 16:58
Yeah...thats still for bwain to decide how irrelevant posts are,

But indeed, if there are menial questions such as this, check up on the rest of the forums or post it in suggestions.

11-22-2007, 18:49
Think they r making ogres as Mercs on this by using elephant units, but
this might have to be included in the next pack since Bwian hasn't been
able to finish most races.. though he is doing the mod at probaly one of
the fastest paces of almost any I've noticed TW, espicially M2TW mods.
Maybe decide what factions to put in 2nd pack when 1st pack is nearly