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12-18-2007, 00:15
Is there anyway we can expand the roman sphere of influence without relying on the script? Like, after a city becomes size X and has Y government building and has raised Z troops(Since weren't those in the army given citizenship after Marius?), then we can build a structure called 'Grant of Citizenship' that extends citizenship to that city and gives the governor some trait like "Granted Citizenship to the Tarantines +++ Influence, +++ Happiness is Taras." We could make it appease the population instead of just allowing for the factional MIC and script it so that the longer a large city doesn't have citizenship, then the more angry it gets.

We could also link this to reforms. For example:

At the start, the only Italy contains subjugation areas. After all those providences are granted citizenship, the Polybian reforms happen. We then make subjugation markers in a larger area. After those get citizenship, and the proper reqs are reached, then you get the Marian.

It would make alot more sense than being able to instantly raise Roman troops in those providences. Would make it interesting.

PS. I feel that this implementation would provide a more rewarding experience since the whole "hey look, I got reforms" is a kinda boring and arbitrary thing. This makes the player work for it and makes the reforms more or less a sign post like: "Hey sweet, I finally got these reforms I've been working towards!"

It would make it a player reward system instead of "hey, here you go, bye" and hint the player at how to do the rest of the reforms instead of leaving it a mystery.

I Am Herenow
12-18-2007, 11:23
Maybe this could be linked to SPQR Homeland/Subjugation areas (e.g. you can only build Type Is in Italian cities you don't own in 272 BC, or Type IIs further afield, after you have given the local population Roman citizenship - a Hayasdan-esque strengthen-your-faction-from-the-inside type thing).

09-28-2008, 14:33
A excellant idea