dimitrios the samian
12-21-2007, 08:22
Hi Guys ,, Just wondering if anyone here has the latest version of this Mod ?
I read thru it all and realize at the end there was a flurry of activity and then it faded .
As I just want to know if its finished , stable and in English as well ..
The screenshots look very nice especially the map they used .

12-21-2007, 20:01
Hi DTS, you can download the Reconquista campaign developed by MonkWarrior from this link:


The mod works well during several turns, but around the year 1150 it crashes. The cause of this CTD is related with the nomenclature of regions in the startpos files. If you open a startpos file of MTW main campaign you will see that regions are named as ID_SCOTLAND, but if you open the starpos file of the Viking campaign you will see that regions are named as ID_LANDREG_01. Some region labels of the main campaign are linked to historical events, for instance around 1150 the governor of Champagne obtains a bonus due to the famous fairs of this region. In Reconquista Mod regions are named as ID_LANDREG_01, so the game crashes in the year 1150 because MTW engine don't find a region named ID_CHAMPAGNE. You can avoid this CTD if you change the start date of the Reconquista startpos file from 1035 to 040 or even 100 (don't write a more early date, otherwise you will have rulers with -60000 years old). I was able to game several campaigns in Reconquista thanks to this little change. If you want see years 1100 instead of 100 you need to add a "1" to the label year in one of the files of the Loc folder (for instance "AD 1"), however I don't remember the exact file (probably Events.txt or Changes.txt).

Good luck

12-22-2007, 22:50
hi mate
it also got a bug , somme with cavalerie you only see the warrior but not the horse i think this wos in a muslim faction

dimitrios the samian
12-23-2007, 00:00
Thankx for the info Axel .... cheers .,, more later .