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John Woods
01-10-2008, 02:12

Currently I am using Retromod/Yakasplats (original map) mods together along with Lusted's AI. No plan to change. I would like to use some of your files specifically for my own use:

1. descr_win conditions
2. Campaign Script
3. Faction standing
4. descr_missions

In my current setup all of these files are original MTWII and are not altered. Do you anticipate I can just copy them over?

What file controls this?

"Lastly, the frequency at which rebels spawn has been reduced but concurrently, rebels will be a lot more active in building and recruitment."



01-10-2008, 11:57
Yes, you can copy them over, but you'd have to start a new game due to mission, script and conditions files for them to take effect/not crash your game.
You can still run your game the way you currently do that way.

When do use the above, I would recommend you also use the missions string.bin file as otherwise some text might not be updated.

Regarding the rebels, I made them active using the campaign_db files (the ai and non ai ones). buildings file also plays a role in that actually as otherwise they won't build and train units.