View Full Version : A Crazy idea with s***tloads of work....

01-21-2008, 16:58
I know that is too late for EB1 but why dont you guys use batches to have 50 or more factions?
Like if I want to play as Pergamos I run the batch and bam a small faction thats on the other end of the world that will get destroyed anyway by the time I get there gets replaced by the faction that I want to play...
I know that it will take loads of work to make this so dont jump on me :sweatdrop:
but I believe that it will elevate the mod even higher on the pedestal of godlike... :yes:

01-21-2008, 23:54
A crazy idea indeed.
I'm of course no member of the EB team but if I was I would clearly disagree.
Just think about the necessary balance testing for the incredibly high number of possible combinations!
It would surely take years... and i'd like to play EB2 within the next two years.

Geoffrey S
01-22-2008, 21:56
I think the topic title explains matters quite well... ~;)

01-22-2008, 22:04
I think the topic title explains matters quite well... ~;)

Well I know that there is lots of work in this but imagine the possibilities all the people that want a faction get one....sadly its beyond the realm of feasibility...

Tellos Athenaios
01-23-2008, 01:34
Not too long ago, we've had a debate about a similar thing; out of a perceived (but proven wrong, luckily!) issue with the GUI of M2TW-K...

In short: we felt that the interaction between the various factions (which sadly is somewhat limitted in RTW, but looks much more promising with M2TW) is too good to give up; meaning the use of batch files competely shifts the diplomatic workings and balancing.

Also it appears that CA has not increased the culture-limit...

-Those are the two main game-play/design concerns that will probably prevent any such proposal from coming to life, apart from the added work-load...