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02-01-2008, 05:07
Has anyone succeeded in running Pike & Musket in Vista. I've tried but it alwasy crashes a couple of turns into it. I've tried fooling around with the graphics, but no good.


02-01-2008, 14:46
I think I may have found the problem. Originally, when I was only playing the 1.5 version I did not experience a Crash to Desktop (CTD). When I applied the patch I did, the CTDs occured in the 2nd turn. After searching the for I came upon this post from Duke John in the Alchemist thread: :idea2:

A - 101 to Crash to Desktop errors
Crash to desktop (CTD for short) happens when MTW cannot find a file, the file is incorrect or experiences similar errors. You can learn alot from the time when the CTD occurs, with the list below you can hopefully debug your mod.

B - Crashes on strategic level
NOTE: Some problems were found after ending a certain turn. This is however not per definition the only turn the crash may occur. I added it because it might be in some cases.

C - Campaign loads, then the campmap flashes and a CTD occurs
Problem 1:Starting date is lower then the date of the starting period.

D - Campaign loads for 50% and then hangs, no CTD
Problem 1: This occured when I was disabling certain regions. To fix this you must be absolutely sure that no there traces in entries that deal with enabled lands.

E - Game crashes when ending the first turn
Problem 1: Trace of disabled region:
SetBorderInfo:: ID_LANDREG_05 #ID_LANDREG_99
Where ID_LAND_99 does not exist. Remove this SetBorderInfo or edit it if you entered the wrong regionnumber.

F - Game crashes when ending the second turn
Problem 1: This happened when I was disabling factionleaders so that they would die out. Make sure that there are no heirs to a disabled leader.

Has anyone else experienced "E" or "F" after patching? :inquisitive:


02-01-2008, 15:30
Hi !

I made sure the eliminated leaders/factions have ne heirs to speak about, but seeing the list I will target such possible mistakes in case the re is something I have missed somewhere.

Besides the patch actually improved the stability in a number of ways so what is left almost certainly depends on either errors very unlikely to happen unless someone is very unlucky.

In fact the mod involves some minor calculated risk of a CTD when it comes to some 10 - 15 units from the 600 present in the game which could cause a CTD if bribed by one of addittional factions such as Granada, Kazan, Brandenburg, Milan and several usually 'one province wonders' (except the Hugenots or the Persians) destined to die if the game isn't really exceptional.

The bribing caused CTD might happen if:

1. A faction reaches a certain point there it can produce some units - e.g. the Danish and Swedish skii troops or Spanish Archero.

2. The faction produces such unit - AIpreferences are set to very low values here.

3. The faction is destroyed or thrown into a civil war with a number of such units rebelling or left behind as rebels.

4. One or more of such units is bribed by one of added factions.

5. The unit fights a battle against a player led faction who choses to lead his forces personally.

All in all VERY unlikely to happen.

That would be the single one mod-specific CTD cause - unless someone builds WAR CONTRIBUTION too often - but its descripton warns against that.:yes: