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02-08-2008, 14:09
MTW has only 1 pagan faction (Golden Horde) but many of the best mods do have more; Khazars Cumans Lithuanians and so on. I think that the use of fire weapons should be the same for Pagan factions as for other ones; for example, it does not look so fair that Cumans and Lithuanians in XL mod can recruit handgunners and arquebusiers but no artillery at all.
On the other hand we can't simply assign artillery units to pagan factions (as it has been done for ships) without any care for historical reports on which kind of artillery and when it has been employed by pagan religion armies.
Tamerlane had for sure made use of fire weapons during Aleppo siege "[...]Again he had gathered here in Samarqand artillery men, both engineers and bombardiers, besides those who make the ropes by which these engines work [...]", and "[...]while bombardiers and tow suggest some kind of cannon which the Ottomans had used at Kossovo in 1389 [...]"
More, in the first Mongol invasion of Japan, Naphta trebuchets were used.
So, if we speak of cannons or bombards, at least one kind of artillery might be available to pagans in Late period; or we can think of one more naphta launcher to be at pagans' disposal in all periods.
Now, artillery pieces are not among the textures, does anyone know what are the files that must be modified to achieve a new artillery unit ?

macsen rufus
02-08-2008, 16:37
Artillery pieces are created as models, only the crews have textures. I don't know if it's possible to add or edit these models, it's a bit deeper in than I have bothered delving myself (I made a decision a while ago to stop before modding 3D elements of the game ~D). But if you're happy with 3D modelling, and have the tools, I'd suggest a poke around the "Models" directory :bow:

02-10-2008, 01:12

It should surely be possible to mod it. MTW artillery is not mobile. The Lordz made mobile artillery in NTW1 and also changed their model. Check out a NTW1 mod ( https://forums.totalwar.org/vb/local_links.php?linkid=617 this picture happens to speak) or search for posts about this by say Lord Of Storms.

02-10-2008, 01:57
It should be noted that The Lordz didn't actually create 3D artillery that is mobile, instead they used it like any other unit, that's why their 'crew' cannot leave the cannon's side - Unlike say, a catapult crew, which can.

macsen rufus
02-18-2008, 13:21
What does seem to work is that you can use different men to form the crew of the artillery unit, so it would be possible to say make a copy of an existing artillery crew in the unit_prod, rename it to eg "mongol_catapult", then define the texture used to be the same as the Mongol warriors. The actions you need will be stand, walk, fight, die, run and charge, and you'd need to set up the melee weapons in items as per usual. This way you can have a catapult manned by Mongols - not quite a new artillery piece, but it will at least look different in battle :2thumbsup:

02-18-2008, 13:26
Of course if you have any slots left - if the artillery piece is supposed to be directly recruitable (not as a dismount) it will have to fit in the 256 unit limit which might be a problem in some cases...