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Cecil XIX

  1. Vassals & Valour Rules Pt. 1

    Vassals & Valour
    Game Rules

    Game Settings

    * Cecil XIX is the Game Master. (GM)
    * Mod TBD
    * Difficulty to be modís recommended settings, if possible
    * Large Unit Size
    * Battle timer Off. Show CPU Moves. Manage All Settlements
    * Victory conditions TBD
    * Personal Mod?
    * Every ten (10) turns, the GM will give each AI faction a cash infusion, equal to either 1000 or 2000 florins for each settlement the player faction ...
  2. Vassals & Valour Rules Pt. 2

    3.2 Property which are recruited in settlements belong to the lord of the settlement they were recruited from. Ancillaries are the property of the avatar they spawn in. Princesses, unlike other agents, are the property of the closest, oldest male relative.

    *3.3 The amount of ships, soldiers and agents a lord can recruit and own is limited only by his treasuryís ability to support their upkeep, and whether he has enough in his treasury for the down payment. The exception to this is ...
  3. Vassals & Valour Rules Pt. 3

    *3.10 The AI factions can also seize a nobles treasury in the manner outlined in 3.9. AI factions will always take the treasury for themselves, and it will be subtracted from the Player Faction and given the AI Faction via console command.

    3.11 Players are encouraged to sell, trade, loan, gift or otherwise barter with each other using there property. History is replete with examples of diplomatic deals where one party agrees to loan it’s soldiers to another party, for example. ...

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  4. Vassals & Valour Discussion Questions

    1. In Section 1 I decided to place certatin suggestions. This is done to help players become aware of their options under the new rules

    2. In 3.1, I define assets in part with the phrase "including but not limited to". I would like to remove this in the final version so it's not so open ended. I believe the list I included thereafter covers everything, but can anyone think of something different?

    3. Rule 3.3 could probably be explained more succinctly, but ...

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