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  1. Subotan's Avatar
    A long break sounds like what you need. I haven't played EB for a while now, partly because I am as burned out as you are, but also because I fear that if I continue playing it a lot, then my enjoyment of EB II will be underwhelming. I know that's a weird analogy, but it's possibly similar to your experience.

    Also, thanks a lot for putting me under all the pressure that my game may be the last game that you ever play
  2. Diamondeye's Avatar
    Even a General can need a break. I am still looking forward to playing in your mafia games to come, even if I can't have the pleasure of playing alongside you in others' games.

  3. Beefy187's Avatar
    Its been a fun ride playing with you and against you
    I hope you return in field near future. Please enjoy your well deserved break
  4. Death is yonder's Avatar
    Farewell, come back soon

    May this break be a fruitful period to reflect and enjoy the free time
  5. Andres's Avatar
    We all need a break sometimes...

    And we all come back, sooner or later
  6. ULC's Avatar
    Hope your back in time for my Non-Mafia game, but good to see you take a break . Mine did wonders for me.
  7. GeneralHankerchief's Avatar
    Whoops, I meant Subo's "A Bridge Zhou Far". Thanks for the catch.
  8. TheFlax's Avatar
    I understand fully, hopefully you will recharge your batteries sooner than later. Regardless, I'm looking forward to participatng in one of your games for the first time.

    Btw, its Andres' "Daggers in the Night", not Subotan's (Edit: The Stranger beated me to it)
    Updated 05-18-2010 at 21:16 by TheFlax
  9. The Stranger's Avatar
    you mean andres' daggers in the night, but besides that, i enjoyed those few games i played with you and your legacy will continue. we will be waiting for your return!
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