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  1. Hilarious IM conversations

    We've all had funny ones right?

    So I was talking to a fellow orgah about females, and how we'd both recently screwed up and lost the chance at getting with a girl we wanted, and whilst talking about it, this came out:

    pever: screw up in some way with her best friend.
    pever: and i just did that
    orgah: oh right
    orgah: ouch
    pever: in all honesty though, it don't matter.
    pever: I just pick one character
    pever: and level ...
  2. Australia

    What if we typed like we speak?

    So Iwas sitten at home laast sunie mournin when memate boomerrang. Said he wus avin a few peeple over four a baarbie. Said he might cookaburraortwo. I sed sounds great will wallabethere? He said yeeeah. And veggiemight come too.

    So I sed tothewife, you wanna goanna? She sed, i'll go if dingoes. So i sed wat'llwe do bout nulla? He sed nulla bores me to tears, leavehim at home.

    We gottothe party bout 2, walked straightoutothekitchen ...
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