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  1. My plans for the future.

    1. Revive my WWI game.

    I plan to restart it in November when I hopefully have more time for Org. There will be some changes that should make the game easier for both me and for any players who might be interested. It was a game into which I had invested a lot of my time and I am really disappointed that it died before it even started!

    * Can't do it right now. Perhaps next year.

    2. An EU3 roleplaying game

    The idea is simple: Once in every 3-4 months(in-game ...

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  2. WWI: Clash of Empires

    This time I'll shed a light on the military side of the game.
    I'll introduce mostly land units today since I have worked on these and their army system the most.


    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    • Cheap
    • Are recruited from cities.
    • Only 5 units can be recruited from one city.
    • Can move on the neighboring hex of the city but no further.
    • When recruited they start only with rifles/small arms but can later equipped with AA, AT and different artillery pieces.
    • Will

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  3. WWI: Clash of Empires

    The above is the current title for this game.
    This could change in the future.
    Anyway, I thought I'll do a small preview.

    First, I'll explain the in game movement.
    Movement on Land
    The fastest way to transport your armies from one front to another are railways. These allow the players to send an army from one city to another using only 1 order. No more 6 month long travels to get from one side of the Germany to another. If one side wants to cripple the ...
  4. A new IH..

    I'm slowly putting together a game similar to "The Thirty Years War" and it is set to the WWI time period.
    It starts in 1914 and ends in 1920(4 tpy = 24 turns).
    This will be similar to the "TYW" but in the same time it's going to be completely different.
    Some new stuff:
    * Technology tree.
    * 3 theaters of war(Europe&N-Africa, America&Atlantic, German East Africa).
    * NPC countries with their own politics and armies.
    * Reworked ...
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