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  1. The Heretics

    Much like General Hankerchief's recent game, this is completely and utterly vanilla mafia at the TWC mafia forum. I have managed to get some new recruits for the game, a long with some supporters from this site, it could be a great game.

    Link is in picture above.

    Updated 04-21-2010 at 02:30 by Thermal Mercury

    Mafia Games
  2. Convicts - Demo Plot Revealed!

    I had already written the plot to my upcoming mafia game, Convicts, scheduled for July 2010. However I plan on reconstructing the story to sound and look better, here is the 'demo' story if you like, whilst the story has changed it should give you much more incite into what its about.

    Convicts Demo Introduction

    'There was no hope anymore.

    America had abandoned Franklin Hill, it was better that the public never knew of the horrors that had taken

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  3. Add Me On Facebook

    If you want, provided I have some idea of who you are ;]!/profile.p...&id=1441151580 < meiner link
  4. Mafia

    Indisputably, the mafia in the gameroom is much better here, however it couldn't harm to get some more players for mafia in the TWC. The TWC mafia forum is fairly barren, games are in play, but overall its not a very lively place.

    -NO Hosting Queues, want to host a game? Go ahead and do it (though it would be ideal to join games instead of host if there are a few open).
    -Most of the people playing mafia there are active on this forum, like a home from home ...
    Mafia Games
  5. Medieval 2 Total War Fans Read Here!

    I like medieval 2 but after a while, found myself bored with it which lead to searching for good mods, there are the typical stainless steel and broken crescent choices (those 2 are great mods by the way, especially broken crescent). However I was pleasantly surprised to find out just how good the Custom Campaign 2 Mod was, it has been out for a little while now and many may be aware of its existence, but if you have medieval 2 total war & kingdoms and don't have the custom campaign mod 2, I ...

    Updated 02-18-2010 at 03:07 by Thermal Mercury

    Medieval 2 Total War
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