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Cute Wolf

  1. Diary Of A Newbie Moddet Team, The Nusantara TW, 2 Peb 2010

    Well well.... this day, after spent a day at univ, I going home and start opening my excel sheet again. Adding some entries, as well as giving better description to some units.... Sonic is still at his vacation trip, and today, no update for our threads at the Org... well, sonic only contacts me occasionally at facebook, and we talk something else other than the mod...

    On a brighter side, after bored with excels, I open my photoshop, and give three more province at my map :D... yeah, ...
  2. Diary of A Newbie Modder Team, the Nusantara TW

    Today, when just arrived home from lectures... receive an E-mail with attachment from Sonic:

    Sori, baru sekarang selesai beberapa unit ama deskripsi kasarnya dan pengaturannya, gw baru minggu depan balik ke Bandung, sekarang unit listnya lu aja yg benerin dulu, terus pikirin model apa yg cocok, urusin dulu ya bos. Ntar buka FB jam 10 an.
    Soory, I'm just finished more unit lists now, give them rough descriptions and balance, next week, I'm back to Bandung, before that, its your ...
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