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  1. Patch 2.0

    Most people know me as some negative guy, pointing out bugs and problems pretty quick. Today I want congrats CA. The last patch was some huge improvement, well done CA!

    Lets have a look into the changes and what is done:


    14k is now the maximum fund bracket for matchmade battles
    Reduced siege unit accuracy
    Inspire ability bonus to morale reduced to 10 from 12
    Inspire ability bonus to accuracy reduced to 15 from 40
  2. peng peng tot - what 15 sec can do to your army!

    I made a post about my army-setup in the Guide section.

    If you look at it, you already see, which way I build my army. Im a spear lover and I relay on my strong guns.
    In higher fund games I also use 1 or 2 monk bows (my vet list include 4 monk bows, so I can field 2 in each 22k game, if needed).

    Right now, I only play 2v2 and this give me the freedom of coming along with cheap archer as cannonfodder.

    The Video you can watch here, shows Wolf_Swift ...
  3. Veteran abilities & Clanupgrades

    Most battles are played at 10, 14 or 22k. Without good veterans you will be doomed.
    There are basic thoughts about what you need and what you should have. To ensure, you can keep going and field a similar army every time, you will need your base setup twice.

    As example: If you field 3x lvl5 loan swords, than you need at least 6 vets of these kind.
    With only 43 veterans it is quite difficult to ensure to have base armies ready with just 43 vets.
    Especially at ...
  4. Avatar skill-tree -- Melee

    Part III


    I played a lot as melee general before I switched to bow. Its a very effective and good tree, many people playing with it. The big advance is, that with high defense and high armor, the gen is a lot less fragile. He can take some shots and wont get killed easy from normal bow units (enemy bow gen with armor pierce is dangerous) or melee/cav in general.

    The bansai effect is quite good, so is "no penalty" at spears. ...
  5. Avatar Skill-tree - Bowery

    Ah well, too much work the last days, so I couldnt write something the last few days.

    Part II


    Thats the tree Im currently playing with. I love it! For my playstyle its a lot better than melee.

    Bowery is all about your general playing as bow hero... No, wait, a bow hero get smashed in 3 volleys from my general!
    Lets get some facts. The range is 200, the accuracy 95 and the reloadskill 80. You can get armor piercing ...
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