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  1. Shogun 2

    I (along with a friend, God Emperor), just got Shogun 2, and it is a blastto play! We've encountered a few issues about multiplayer (the game tends to desynchronize rather often, when a computer faction takes a different move on each of the players' screens), but the general impression is overwhelming!

    Now, I've always enjoyed writing (in English, particularly!), so I thought, why not try my hand at describing the events of my first singleplayer campaign as the Chosokabe? So that's what I'm doing ...
  2. Violet

    After listening to Seon's praise of a text-based game called Violet, I decided to try it out for myself. Trading in an hour, maybe two, I had an absolutely overwhelmingly good impression of the game (and - no spoilers - the ending is definitely worth it!).

    For those of you who don't want to read the wikipedia article because you prefer to hear it from a person instead of an encyclopedia (and because I love to hear myself type): Violet is a text-based game where you're playing the ...
  3. An Idea/In The Works: OotS Mafia

    When a good idea suddenly strikes me, I can't help but ponder upon it. Which is why, despite the fact that I've actively backed down from hosting mafia games for the near future, and despite the queue system which means that if I ever have the time, I better know three months in advance (no issues here, I like the system a lot, to be honest!), I've begun concentrating on what I hope can be my next (and very interesting/humerous) small mafia game; The OotS Mafia.

    The game is kind of ...
  4. A Practical Lesson: The First Strike Capability

    Today, my fellow .orgers, I learnt something is school!

    That's right - in my (otherwise boring) Social Studies class, we were talking about international politics, war and all that stuff, and I learned of a term which my brain, being completely ruined by video games and the corrupting influence of the internet, immidiately found applicable to many of the strategy games that I like to play, a few of the most obvious examples being the series by the names of Sid Meier's Civilization ...
  5. The Cleverbott II: You can't use the Cleverbot to help you in mafia games

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    User: Hey.

    Cleverbot: Hey what?

    User: Hey baby.

    Cleverbot: How you doin.

    User: Nice one - I'm going great. You?

    Cleverbot: I'm going to bed soon.

    User: Oh okay. Can we talk about movies?

    Cleverbot: Why would you like to talk about butterflies?

    User: Actually I'd like to talk about Star Wars.

    Cleverbot: Okay, which star wars movie was your favorite?

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