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  1. Andorra alternate history

    I made an AH comic of Andorra for a game on CFC mimicking Flagland's style.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
  2. Oktoberfest

    Quote Originally Posted by Subotan View Post
    Went to a Bierzelt in Augsburg a couple of years ago. I don't think I have ever been so drunk, and it was fantastic.
    I meant to hit someday... but I'll probably go the local cheap knockoff anyways...
  3. The SwordsMaster 6 week fitness challenge (as advertised in Get fit with SM!)

    Quote Originally Posted by SwordsMaster View Post
    Yep. If there is a (20+20) means i'm using a barbell with 20 on each side, and a (x15+8) means that i did the first 15 reps at the indicated weight, then had to either break (30sec) or lower the weight to finish the set.
    Apologies for delay with posting. It is all on dailyburn, so will get to it tomorrow! Today, instead of a workout had a 3km/2mi jog, and 4x100m sprint sets. Which nearly killed me. Workout planned for tomorrow afternoon - decided to get an extra day, as it seemed to ...
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