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  1. New group for total war center members

  2. Mount and Blade Warband

  3. My bit for beefys game.

    I'd realy like an opinion on this piece. I'd say its pretty good but I'm kinda biased.
    Its from beefy's game happening in beefdom found here

    Lord James Greyford - Ruler of the Iron Peak.
    "Gold or Iron, it all shines."
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    A mine in the middle of a frozen wasteland is not exactly the stuff empires are made from, nor is a family of merchants, poor in coin and poor in prospects, the sort to

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  4. Chivalry or Dread?

    Quote Originally Posted by tanker View Post
    Sorry if its bad form to revive a 3 month old thread, but this one caught my attention. In my first game, out of the starting gate, I was trying to build a "chivalrous" general, but since he was my only decent cavalry early on, I had to throw him into the fight alot. So he kept getting +1 Chiv for releasing prisoners and +1 Dread for fighting in the battle. In the end, he stayed zero balance anything for a while, which I think is the worst of all. So I gave up on Chivarly, and just
  5. Patch 2.0

    Most people know me as some negative guy, pointing out bugs and problems pretty quick. Today I want congrats CA. The last patch was some huge improvement, well done CA!

    Lets have a look into the changes and what is done:


    14k is now the maximum fund bracket for matchmade battles
    Reduced siege unit accuracy
    Inspire ability bonus to morale reduced to 10 from 12
    Inspire ability bonus to accuracy reduced to 15 from 40
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