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  • EUROPEAN WARS 2 Prussian faction & units preview

    Today I King Louise Assurbanipal present EUROPEAN WARS 2 - Prussian faction & units preview (Empire: Total War)


    'European Wars' - a realism-mod for 'Empire: Total War', taking us to the world of 18th century, considered one of the most important and interesting periods in history, as it brings many economical, social and first of all military changes. The most important military events brought by the age of enlightenment are Spanish and Polish Successions, The Great Northern War, The Scottish Jacobite Rebellion and The Seven Years' War. As you can see, this century brings much excitement and is excellent material for strategical game. 'European Wars' mod focuses on increasing the historicity of 'Empire: Total War', mainly trough adding some new, historically accurate units such as Prussian Leib-Garde Grenadiers, Hussars of Death, Polish Winged Hussars, French Mousqetaires de la Garde and many, many others!
    (A Rome: Total War version of mod is currently under the development too)

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