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  • Napoleon Totalwar III

    "The Lordz Modding Collective (LMC) is proud to present to you Napoleonic Total War 3 (NTW3).

    NTW3 is the latest of our Napoleonic mods, based on Napoleon Total War by the Creative Assembly (CA).

    Whereas Napoleonic Total War1 (mod for Medieval 1 Total War) and Napoleonic Total War 2 (mod for Rome Total War) were complete reinventions of two popular games, NTW3 is more of a makeover of the latest Total War title by CA. This however was still a major undertaking as we strived to provide the most historically accurate multiplayer experience we could given the limitations of the tools/engine available to us. Some compromises of course were needed for the sake of good gameplay as we wanted the experience to remain fun.
    Since it would be dull to enumerate all changes made, I will highlight the main features of the mod. Please keep in mind this is still a Beta version in its latest stages and so some work is still ongoing to polish some of the rough angles."

    Go to the forum to learn more about this mod or download it now.
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