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    The Throne Room is the place where we play collaborative and competitive games based around TW in its various incarnations. These have tended to take three forms: Hotseats, RPGs and Succession games. We have a steady nucleus of between 10 and 20 players across these various games and a strong sense of community centred around our shared belief that itís fun to play TW campaigns with other humans.

    In this regular piece we will provide a selection of stories, interviews and game updates to showcase the Throne Room in all its glory as a special part of the Org which cannot be found elsewhere.

    Hotseats: A group of human players each control a single faction and fight for supremacy in a long campaign with a set of agreed rules. Most hotseats are played in M2TW and its various mods but RTW hotseats are also possible. The level of time commitment and RP involved can range from minimal to very involved depending on the game and the group involved but at a minimum players are expected to be able to play their turn with 48 hours notice.

    RPGs: A group of human players each control an in-game avatar such as a family member or agent of a single faction. A set of rules dictates the ownership of property and the political interactions between the characters, who vie for power and control while working together to expand the empire. The level of RP is usually very high and most activity occurs out of the game rather than on the campaign map. Players are expected to be available to move their avatars and fight battles within a set period (usually a couple of days) while also participating in debates and votes to settle in-game issues. RPGs have so far been played in RTW and M2TW and their various mods, but this kind of game is so flexible it can be played in all TW titles.

    Succession games: A group of human players take it in turns to control a single faction, passing the save to one another on completion of a set number of turns within the game. Sometimes the handover takes place at the death of the faction leader so that each player completes a Ďreigní before passing the save to the next. It is possible to play succession games in most strategy games, including all TW titles and even other games such as EU3

    Having set the scene, in our next update we will showcase the games which are currently in progress, report on games which are currently recruiting for players and we will interview a prominent member of the Throne Room community.

    Welcome to the Throne Room!

    Zim and phonicsmonkey, Throne Room moderators

    (Graphics by Quirl al-Mustafa Mubarak)
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