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  • Community Roundup! (4-12)

    Community Roundup!

    Your one article answer to everything going on at the .Org. Oh it's been a long time coming Orgah's but it's back, and better than ever. Here you'll find the quick low-down on everything that's happening right now at the Org.

    CA have released an updated list of what's being fixed in the next patch. They've also tacked on the cryptic "soon" on when to expect it. Could it be in the next few days? I hope so! Looking at our Multiplayer section for shogun 2, Hachiman Fields, 1.3 can't come soon enough.

    Resident Multiplayer Guru Kocmoc continues to toil away with his tests and post his findings in the guides section. His posts are very informative if you've never looked at them, and I'd recommend them to anyone who was unsure about any aspect of the game. What he needs, though, is feedback. Tell him what you thought of his guides, and hey, even contribute information if you want! You can help him build a better database of information.

    Hey, while you're in the guides section, don't forget to check for single-player additions too! econ21 has been working on a province specialization guide, to help you get the most of out of tying bonuses to units. It's a great work and is on-going, so check back for new additions!

    Did you know we have a steam group now? Wait. What's that, over there on the right hand side of the main page? Are those.. stats? Over 60 members already, you say? Why am I asking so many questions? Well I just have another: why haven't you joined yet?!

    There's still time to enter the Org Screenshot Contest, which doesnt end until the 18th. Hurry, you could with a $50 PC game!

    War were declared! - Intentional grammar misuse aside, a deathmatch has broken out in the Green Garden. That's right, it's moderator vs moderator in a fight that can only have a single winner. Zim and phonicsmonkey are currently posting the AAR of their MP campaign here. Don't you dare miss a moment of it!

    That's all for now. Got a story, event, or see something I missed that should be on the CMS? Send me a PM! As always, be well and have fun!
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