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  • New Feature - Connect your Steam account to your Org profile!

    We have integrated the Steam ID system into the Org forums. If you look at my profile inside the forums, or on any post I make, you can see a small steam icon at the bottom. If you click that, you will get various options that allow you to contact me on Steam. This will be very useful for coordinating MP gaming, particularly with the upcoming Tosa Cup tournament.

    To add your Steam ID to your profile, do the following:
    1) If you have given your Steam ID a profile name, skip to #3.
    2) If you have not given your Steam ID a profile name, you need to find your Steam ID #. To do this, go the Steam website and search for your username. When you find your name, click on your profile page. The URL will include a long number. For example, my page has the URL http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197996989606. Therefore, 76561197996989606 is my Steam ID.
    3) Add your Steam profile name or ID # to your Org profile. Simply click this link. Scroll down to the text box Steam ID, and enter the profile name or Steam ID #. That's it, you're done!
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