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    Hello and good day to you, dear visitor!

    The .Org is planning to organise a writing contest and an art contest somewhere Mayish.

    To get an idea what the contest will be about and to wet the appetite a bit, you can take a look at the newest Mead Hall story, by Takeda Shogunate, about the struggle of the Takeda daimyo during Sengoku Jidai, which is located right HERE.

    While we're in the Mead Hall, allow me to introduce those of you who are not familiar with this little corner of our forum.

    In the Mead Hall, we find the art, stories, poems and other creative and artistic contributions created by our members.

    Among many other things, three threads in particular catch the eye immediately. It are long running stories of several pages long and, if I may say so, all three are amazing pieces of work.

    The first I'd like to show you, is edyzmedieval's Fall of Constantinople, a historic novel set during the period from Manuel II Palaiologos, the grandfather of the last emperor, to the Siege of Constantinople, under the reign of Konstantinos XI Palaiologos; a story in which the author offers an alternative view to the events before and during the fall of Constantinople under the might of the Ottoman Turks in 1453.

    The second story is written by our most estemeed member Prince Cobra and is titled Byzantine Intrigues : The Struggle for Power. This story also takes place in the old Byzantine Empire, but this time in the year 1317, during the reign of Andronicus the Second, Basileus of the Roman Empire. A story about politics, intrigues and the lust for power.

    Last but not least, there's frogbeasteggs' "The Machiavellian Adventures of Princess Eleanor", a historic novel which takes place in England, Essex, anno 1325. To use the words of the amphibian herself, the Machiavellian Adventures of Princess Eleanor is a tale of intrigue and adventure set in medieval England. Starting small in scope and gradually widening to encompass a large stage, the story focuses on strong characterisation with a dash of humour. Action! Adventure! Scheming! Murder! Love! War! Princesses! Knights! Broken-nosed men at arms! Spymasters! Kings! Princes! A crazy dude named Jocelyn! All this and more!

    Long story short, if you're looking for a good read, make sure to visit the Mead Hall! And if you're feeling an itch, then don't hesitate and post! The Mead Hall welcomes all kinds of artistic work, from poetry to storytelling and TW concept art. Let those creative juices flow!
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