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    Chosokabe update #2, part 2

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    Aargh, my trade ship, attacked! Curse you Miyoshi!

    The resulting battle is somewhat cyclical...

    And Zim (playing the Miyoshi) narrowly beat me. Curses!

    Maybe I need a fleet escort.

    Eeuww, Christians...

    Chosokabe aren't I? May as well study the bow then...

    Who are these helpful Shimazu that want to inject capital into my economy?

    This time my trade ship has company...

    The Daimyo plunges headlong into enemy territory.

    But the Miyoshi conquer my ally the poor ill-fated Sogo, disrupting my trade in the process.

    On the theory that my Shimazu rivals will already have grabbed the nodes to the west, I head north instead in search of imports.

    Sorry, but there's just something really really cool about Ninja

    I send him north after the Miyoshi.

    Angered by my incursion into their territory, the dirty Miyoshi spring from their bolt hole and attack the honourable Chosokabe Daimyo.

    This is my big chance to take out the Miyoshi! All I need to do is beat Zim in this battle and the road to their capital lies open to me.

    Things get really really hectic here. Inexperienced in MP and keen to push the issue I bring my archers out of the cover of the trees, negating my advantage. Then, as their light cavalry run down and slaughter my archers and their yari approach, I utterly panic and throw my general(s) into the fray, losing most of their units, getting them killed and causing my army to rout en masse.

    I really miss the pause button.

    A disastrous result for the Chosomonkey. Instead of their capital being at my mercy, the roles are reverse and Tosa lies defenseless. My Daimyo is dead and his wife takes over. The session ends.

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