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    And now for further adventures of the mighty Zimazu.

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    When we left off Daimyo Takahisa had very wisely decided not to pursue the assault on Ito's last province. After meeting with some reinforcements heturned toward the city again only to find the cowardly dogs had dared to recruit more defenders from outlying village the brief time he was away. This could not go unpunished. The city was laid siege again, this time with the intent to let the Ito sweat it out a few months before attacking.

    Surprisingly, the Ito decide to attack him next season.

    Undaunted, the Shimazu forces array for battle.

    During the upcoming battle Hyuga looms in the distance, reminding both sides of what was at stake.

    Ito troops on the march, including the elite Samurai retainers of their daimyo.

    The Shimazu prepare to face the Ito horde.

    Unsurprisingly, the Ito break quickly after a few volleys of arrows and charges by the junior general's cavalry. The remainder of the Ito flee back to Hyuga.

    Naturally the Daimyo decides to strike at Hyuga while the defenders are weak from the battle.

    Brave man that he is, Takahisa decides to dismount and join the assault.

    Ugh, legendary Daimyo he may be, but he's not as young as he used to be.

    Of course, while Takahisa may be brave he isn't stupid. arhcers had whittled down the few defenders before he made his glorious escalade.

    With the defeat of the last of the enemy bodyguard Hyuga was now a Shimazu possession.

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