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    Update 2, Mark 2.

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    Takahisa was quite perturbed to discover his ally Sagara had ringed him in by conquering all the provinces his lands now neighbored. Left with nothing to do he turned to that most unwarlike and therefore dull task, catching up on his nations economic, cultural, and diplomatic progress.

    Hmmm, ally Sagara has accepted some strange foreign religion. Why couldn't they stick with the much more Japanese Buddhism? My advisors say that religion came from China, but still it was an old imported tradition. Completely different from this new one. Having been in Japan so long made it respectable.

    A son comes of age. Surely he will be a great warrior like his father.

    A trade deal with the "Chosokabe"? What clan is this? They sound barbaric. Well, no doubt they will bow in time to the Shimazu, might as well take their money by their consent for now until we can take it by force.

    Way of the Sword? Maybe research is more valuable than I first thought.

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