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  • EBII Boii Preview (part 3)

    The EBII Team presents the 3rd preview of the Boii.

    In this preview's history section, we will show the full description of one of the Boii provinces, and just part of the description of their homeland, Boiotergion. In addition, we will show you some interesting facts regarding the Boii relationship with northern Italy, pertaining their common artwork.
    In the unit section, we will show three new units: the Gargokladioi or "Fierce swords", freemen that along with the Uisusparos Kingetoi form the bulk of the Boii battleline; the Mogeto Epathias or "Mighty knights", heavy celtic cavalry and bodyguards of the Boiorix; and the dreaded Gaisatoi or "Spearmen", Gallic mercenaries that sell their famed swords to the Boiorix.

    Gargokladioi (Fierce Swords)

    This is the third of a series of 3 previews of this great celtic faction. Check it out!
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