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  • Cops and Robbers - a new Gameroom Game!

    The Gotham City Times
    April 5th 2012

    Cops & Robbers needs YOU!

    Cops and Robbers, a game pitting a team of criminals against GCPD based in Gotham City (without Batman and his friends and enemies) needs more players. Different to the traditional mafia games hosted in the Gameroom, every player in Cops & Robbers has actions they can perform every phase. Check out the main game thread here and the GCPD HQ thread here.

    According to the host, johnhughthom, one of the twists in the game is that the criminal players are unknown, making life difficult for the more numerous cops. If you'd like to join, drop johnhughthom a pm. New players are always welcome! Police roles are always open, though criminal numbers are limited to keep the game balanced.

    Hope to welcome you soon in the .Orgs' Gameroom!
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