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    Dear .Orgah's,

    When we at the org first heard about the top secret 'frogbeastegg's Guide to Total War: Shogun II' we were excited. Who wouldn't be? Over 2000 pages of exhaustive single player strategy, advice and game analysis. Every clan, unit, and setting discussed. Lengthy sections on the economy, agents, diplomacy, realm divide, research, settlement management, religion. Illustrated battle tactics. Tips designed to help veteran players adjust to the game, along with an approach of starting from the basics and working up which will help new players find their feet. Several stories and AAR's to spice it up.

    All of this and much more, a must read for anyone interested in the game

    Sounds good, right?

    Well the lazy amphibian didn't get it finished in time for our first campaigns, so most of us lost and had to start again

    Some mumbo jumbo rubbish about needing to learn to play the game herself. Nonsense! She still hasn't finished it! Excuses, endless pathetic excuses - she needs to work, to eat, to see family, oh boohoohoo, cry me a river... SPOILED BRAT

    So we decided to lend a hand

    It is with pride that we can tell you that our methods had some effects

    After only 50 lashes, the lazy amphibian finally finished the introduction

    The sheer sight of the latest designs in modern torture devices, made her write an entire chapter!

    Our approach clearly works! Something is getting done finally

    Ladies and gentlemen of the .Org, as we speak, frogbeastegg is locked in a cage outside the North pole, with nothing else but a laptop, internet acces and a copy of TW:S2.

    We keep handling the whips and torture tools swiftly and hope to present you a froggy guide for TW:S2 very soon. Don't worry, we have experience with this and we'll make sure she won't die too much before the guide is finished. And if need be, we'll have Ser Clegane slaughter some chickens while the entire staff performs the necessary dark rituals and dances to bring her back to life!

    If you think the proces doesn't go fast enough (which you think rightly so!), then just comment/post "whip" or and we'll give her that extra bit of motivation to write faster!

    Hoping to present you a finished guide very soon!


    The .Org Torture Team staff
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